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CFSL Organization Registration

Prerequisite: Fraternity & Sorority 101

In order to fully complete the RSO registration/re-registration process in the spring, two of the ‘Top 3’ officers (as listed within the upcoming RSO Registration) will need to watch the ‘Fraternity/Sorority Leadership 101’ video and complete the quiz if the organization did not attend in person. Access to the quiz is provided in the video. This session will serve to orient new chapter executive officers to CFSL-specific processes, procedures, deadlines, and expectations.

Fraternity/Sorority Leadership 101 Video

*attendance is verified by a score of 100% on the quiz.

Follow these steps if you are registering a CFSL organization.

1. Orientation & Risk Management

Organization Orientation and Risk Management is required for all student organizations. In this session, we will discuss all of the registration requirements for organizations, applicable policies and procedures, navigating Get Involved, event registration, and resources for RSOs across campus. Per State of Texas House Bill 2639/Senate Bill 1138, enacted by the 80th Texas Legislature, all registered student organizations at the University of Houston must also attend an annual Risk Management Education which will be included in the program. We will cover information about alcohol and drug use and prevention, sexual harassment and sexual assault prevention and response, fire and firearm safety, food safety, and services for students with disabilities. This is the ideal starting place for organizations to gain the most information on how to complete the registration process!

Two of the top three officers must watch the video below and complete the associated quiz. Access to the quiz is located within the video.
*attendance is verified by a score of 100% on the quiz.

Having issues accessing the video? 

To access the video please follow the below steps: 

  1. Log into AccessUH
  2. Click the orange Microsoft 365 icon 
  3. There should be an email listed for you to use (it will have 
  4. Click to login and use the "" email as well as your current Cougarnet password. 
  5. Come back to the CSI website and click the link to the video!

Orientation & Risk Management Video

Six Signature Traits of Inclusive Leadership

2. Organization Registration Application

The Registration Application is necessary to complete for all student organization types. This application will give the Center for Student Involvement information on who are the officers in each organization, constitution and bylaws, and advisor acknowledgment for each organization. We also are able to determine who completed each step for each organization.

Please be sure to complete the application in order to considered for approval as an organization.

To access the application:

  • Log in to Get Involved
  • Click Organizations
  • Click on the left side where it says "Register An Organization"
  • Search for your organization and select "Re-register"

RSO Advisor Agreement Sample Constitution