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Virtual Parking Permits

The University of Houston has transitioned to virtual parking permits. Questions not listed here can be sent to or 832-842-1097 and a Parking and Transportation customer service representative will assist.



Parking and Transportation Services will no longer issue plastic hangtags for students, faculty and staff to hang from the rearview mirror in their vehicle. With virtual permits, there is nothing to display.
When someone gets a virtual permit online through their myParking account in AccessUH, they have to input their vehicle(s) information to their account, and then also select one vehicle to associate with their parking permit. The enforcement vehicles on campus have license plate readers that can read a vehicle's license plate and determine if it is associated with a valid UH parking permit.
You can have multiple vehicles on your parking account, but only one of those vehicles can be associated with your parking permit at any given time.
If you need to bring a different vehicle to campus at any time, you can go into your myParking account through AccessUH and switch out the vehicle that is associated with your permit. The process is easy and quick and can be done through the UH Go app.


No. You will no longer swipe a plastic hangtag to get in and out of a parking garage or a gated lot.
Every gated lot and parking garage on campus allows for entry/exit with a registered toll tag or by swiping a physical Cougar Card. In addition, most of these locations will allow you to scan your digital Cougar Card that you pull up on your smart phone through the UH Go app.
Parking and Transportation Services allows the use of EZ Tag (Harris Co.), NTTA Toll Tag (Dallas) or TxTag as a hands-free way to enter and exit your assigned on-campus parking garage or faculty-staff gated lot.

If you'd like to use your toll tag, follow these steps to add it to your garage or gated lot permit:

  • Sign in to your myParking account through AccessUH.
  • Click on your name in the upper right corner.
  • Click "Manage Your Account Information" in the pull-down menu.
  • Edit the toll tag information at the bottom of the page.
  • Enter only the eight numerals in the toll tag number. Letters and special characters will prevent the tag from working properly.