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Business and Other Parking Options


Alumni Parking

Alumni may purchase a Remote Campus or Garage parking permit.  Permits can be purchased in person at the PTS Customer Service Counter at the Welcome Center or Stadium Garage. 

Retiree Parking

Retirees of the university are eligible for a free retiree parking permit which allows parking in Remote Campus parking lots weekdays until 4 p.m. and Remote Campus or any ungated lots on campus weekdays after 4 p.m. or on weekends. Other permits, such as Gated, Ungated and Garage permits, are available at regular cost, dependent on availability. The permit is intended for visitation use only and cannot be used for part-time work or attending classes. Interested retirees must send a written request to and a permit will be issued upon verification of employment status.

Vendor Parking

Vendors making deliveries to campus must use the timed loading/unloading zones. Those on campus for repair purposes that will take longer than 20-minutes may park in unrestricted parking spaces. Vehicles parked in loading/unloading areas that are displaying a permanent company logo need not display a UH parking permit. Those using private or unmarked vehicles or those parking in non-loading area spaces must stop at the visitor information booth to receive free a temporary parking permit.

Contractor Parking

Contractor parking is located at Building 13 at the Energy Research Park. No permit is required to park in this area. Contractors in need of campus parking must be authorized by their UH project manager. Campus parking permits are issued through the PTS office with written authorization of the UH project manager. Campus permits are valid within the boundaries of the job site and in ungated parking lots. Contact your UH project manager for more details.

UH Component Parking Permits

The University of Houston has a reciprocity agreement with the other UH System campuses to honor their parking permits. Vehicles must display a current UH System Campus permit and are permitted to park in the following areas: 

  • Monday-Friday, 7am - 4pm: Technology Bridge (formerly ERP). This area is designated on campus maps as "Remote Campus" parking. 
  • Weekday 4pm - 7am and all day on weekends: Any student lot

The reciprocity agreement is intended for visitations only. A transfer of employment or classes would necessitate the purchase of a UH parking permit.