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Nicole Bromfield


Associate Professor and Associate Dean of Academic Affairs

Room: 201 Social Work Building
Phone: 713-743-4327
Current Curriculum Vitae

Personal Statement

In fall 2016, I joined the University of Houston’s Graduate College of Social Work (GCSW) as an associate professor and associate dean for academic affairs. 

After graduating with my MSW, I worked as a program administrator for an educational capacity building program at an international embassy and then accepted a position at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) in student services, shortly before beginning a PhD at VCU. After nine years of working as an administrator at VCU (both in the department of Mass Communications and the School of Social Work) and earning my PhD along the way, I started my first teaching faculty position in fall 2010, joining United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) in the Arab Gulf.

As I am committed to moving social justice forward in our world, I sought to make a contribution to the development of social work education globally, in a region where nations are experiencing rapid development and intense social change with emerging social issues. I was an assistant professor of social work at UAEU for six years, being promoted to associate professor during the spring 2016 semester. While in the UAE, I set out to contribute to both social development and local-capacity building, through research, service, and through training Emirati nationals as BSW and MSW-level professional social workers.

Most of the research that I undertake is collaborative, utilizing qualitative and quantitative methods and analysis, in which the voices of the participants are emphasized. The focus of my research is on the health and social well-being of persons who are vulnerable and at risk for exploitation, especially women and children. As a macro-level social work researcher with a global focus, a key part of my professional mission is to contribute to the promotion of positive social policy development, particularly in low-resource and/or transitional nations. I have engaged in several research projects based on this mission with some research driven by community needs. For example, my research on divorce among Emirati citizens, particularly women (Al Gharaibeh & Bromfield, 2012; Bromfield, 2014; Bromfield, Ashour & Rider, 2016) was directly driven by community needs. 

My current research program connects to this mission through an investigation of car safety for youth in the Arabian Gulf (Bromfield & Mahmoud, 2016; Mahmoud & Bromfield, 2017) and projects which were informed by my dissertation work on human trafficking (Bromfield, 2015; Bromfield & Capous-Desyllas, 2012), including a study of global surrogacy arrangements in India and the United States (Bromfield, 2016; Rotabi & Bromfield, 2017; Rotabi, Bromfield & Fronek, 2015), and a planned project on migrant domestic workers.

I have extensive teaching experience, having taught over 48 separate classes (1 credit and 3 credit courses) at UAEU in both BSW and MSW programs and I also taught and was a field liaison at VCU. This experience includes working with diverse students from first generations and English-as-a-second-language learners, both in the United States and abroad. In the GCSW, I developed and currently teach a selected topics course in our MSW program, Global Social Work: Women and Human Rights. The course content was informed by my experience living in the global south.


PhD, Public Policy, Virginia Commonwealth University
MSW, West Virginia University


Areas of Specialization

  • Human Trafficking
  • Global Surrogacy

Courses Taught

  • Coming Soon