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Dr. Jodi Berger Cardoso and Dr. McClain Sampson Receive Hogg Foundation Grants
Two University of Houston assistant professors have received grants from the Hogg Foundation for Mental Health to conduct research studying various aspects of mental health. The two research projects were among nine selected from a pool of 51 applicants from universities across Texas. 

GCSW Ph.D. Graduate Featured on ABC News
"Exposure with response prevention (ERP) is the treatment that forever changed my life, teaching me how to effectively fight my OCD. When engaging in ERP you complete exposures (such as touching a doorknob) and then engage in ritual prevention (no hand wash), working your way gradually from your least challenging exposures to your most challenging exposures until you have control over your OCD."

$2 Million Gift Establishes Endowed Dean's Chair at UH
The endowment income will support the college’s research activities, including the establishment of the annual Maconda Brown O’Connor Distinguished Lectureship. Through the lecture, faculty, graduate students, alums and practicing social workers will gain insights and inspiration from globally recognized experts and leading innovators in the field of social work. 

GCSW Awarded for International Social Work Efforts
“Any time your program gets recognized, it affirms what you are doing. To receive recognition from one’s peer group is even more satisfying in that they know our program and what it’s achieving and its impact within the global community,” said Ira Colby, dean of the UH GCSW. “Even without the award, the activities that our faculty, staff and students are involved in around the world are impressive.”

GCSW Professor Dr. Monit Cheung quoted in USA Today
"Attitudes on child sex abuse began to change after the 1974 law. Before 1974, you could talk to a social worker who could (then) talk to a molester and that could maybe stop abuse," Cheung said, noting that most abuse happens within families. But mandatory reporting made the failure to report suspected abuse a crime. "That's the change, that you're no longer hiding the facts of abuse"

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