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Student Organizations

Joining a GCSW Student Organization is a wonderful way to get involved with other students, faculty and community members who share your interests and professional goals. The Graduate College of Social Work has a number of opportunities to get involved with campus-wide and college groups. Joining a student organization also provides you with leadership and professional development opportunities, to engage in social activities, and to build lifelong friendships. Some organizations require a small fee for membership. Below is a full list of organizations.
Membership in honor societies is either through invitation or an application process, and is based on academic merit.  Student membership in social work professional organizations may also be available. Usually dues are required.
Active GCSW Student Organizations include the following:
GCSW Student Association is the main student organization for the GCSW with the goal of promoting unity among all students of the college. The Association provides an opportunity for students to address their interests and concerns at the college. The Association also participates in and organizes a number of college activities throughout the year including social events, orientation, graduation, and community outreach and service projects.

Asst. Dean for Admissions and Student Affairs: Amber Mollhagen - 
Staff Advisor: Micol Rosen –
Association of Asian American Social Workers (AAASW)
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Patrick Leung -
Clinical Leadership Society (CLS)
Student Leader: Questella Alfred - 
Student Leader: Tiffany Pham - 
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Monit Cheung -
Staff Advisor: Arnitia Walker -
Child Welfare Education Project (CWEP) Student & Alumni Organization is for students and alumni who are part of the Title IV E funded Child Welfare Education Project, the program in which students are prepared for the challenging and rewarding work in Children’s Protective Services.
Student Leader: Tekeisha Lewis - 
Staff Advisor: Brunessia Wilson -
Hispanic Student Association (HSA)
Faculty Advisors: Dr. Luis Torres – & Dr. Isabel Torres - itorres3@Central.UH.EDU
MACRO Student Organization - is a student organization dedicated to furthering macro social work at the GCSW. It brings programming such as “A Day in the Life of a Macro Social Worker” to the GCSW, as well as other activities that connect and support macro social work students.
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Suzanne Pritzker -
Policy Insiders - The GCSW, One Voice Texas, and the GCSW Alumni Association form a small student Advisory Committee to help coordinate and contribute topics for the GCSW’s exciting “Policy Insider Series”. The series brings expert local advocates and lobbyists to our College to discuss key policy issues, advocacy, and politics impacting social work practice in Texas and across the United States. Through this series, we hope to help GCSW students, faculty, staff, and the broader Houston social work community understand and navigate complex social welfare policy issues and engage in legislative and electoral advocacy around these issues.
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Suzanne Pritzker –
Students for the Advancement of International Social Work (SAISW)
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Patrick Leung -
Support and Self-Care Group (SSG) exists to enhance the overall well-being of the social work students in the Graduate College of Social Work. The aim of SSG is to help social work students connect with others in order to better their skill set academically, professionally, and emotionally.
Student Leader: Amanda Rhodes -
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Monit Cheung -