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Student Organizations

The Graduate College of Social Work Student Association (GCSW-SA) actively promotes professional and social activities among students. Membership is open to all current GCSW students. The association relies on membership dues to fund the association's annual projects, including a graduation party each May. Additionally, the association serves as a link to the school's administration and faculty. Students are encouraged to become involved in various college committees.

All GCSW students are eligible for membership in the National Association of Social Workers (NASW); reduced membership rates are available for students. NASW is the primary professional organization for social workers and has state chapters throughout the country. The Houston Branch of NASW is the largest in the state. When the GCSWSA holds elections for its officers, a student representative to the local branch of NASW is also elected to represent our students.

GCSW Student Organizations and Honor Societies
Organization Student Reps Advisor
GCSW Student Association


Jamie Parker


Jodi Berger-Cardoso
Association of Gerontology Social Workers
Association of Asian American Social Workers
TBA Patrick Leung
Association of Black Social Workers
TBA Sondera Malry
Clinical Leadership Society


Monit Cheung
Donna Amtsberg
Arnitia Walker
CWEP Student & Alumni Organization TBA

Monit Cheung
Brunessia Wilson

MACRO Student Organization TBA Suzanne Pritzker
Students for the Advancement of International Social Work
TBA Patrick Leung
Hispanic Student Association
TBA Steven Applewhite
Social Workers for Intercultural Collaboration
TBA Monit Cheung

North American Association of Christians in Social Work

National Association of Social Workers
TBA Januari Leo
Phi Alpha Honor Society TBA Patrick Leung
Social Welfare Action Alliance
TBA Susan Robbins
S.W.I.F.T. Christian Student Organization TBA
Tikkun Olam
Ann Liberman
UH GCSW Alumni Association
Ann Liberman