Child and Family Center for Innovative Research - University of Houston
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The overall goal of the Child and Family Center for Innovative Research (CFCIR) at the University of Houston is to improve youth and family well-being, strengthen interpersonal relationships, and promote social justice.



1. Provide a platform for conducting research and engaging faculty and staff in community-based projects using innovative methods and approaches.

2. Collaborate with national, state and local agencies to perform child and family service and workforce analyses.

3. Develop and test innovative treatment and strategic plans through funded research to improve child and family services.

4. Identify effective prevention and evaluative measures and treatment programs for children, youth and families across diverse cultural backgrounds, especially among ethnic minorities and LGBTQX communities.

5. Provide a platform for interdisciplinary collaboration, between government and not-for-profit agencies and among community organizations, scholars and other service providers, from local to global, aiming to ensure health development for all youths and stop family and interpersonal violence.