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Aquatic Policies

Swim Attire

The University of Houston aquatic facilities require proper swim attire to be worn while utilizing the space. These include the Indoor Competition Pool, Indoor Spa, Outdoor Leisure Pool, and Outdoor Spa. Proper swim attire is defined as clothing that is designed for use in the water; specific item examples are listed below for reference. In addition, all swim wear must not indecently expose parts of the body or be transparent. This list is not exhaustive, and management reserves the right to determine whether or not swimwear is appropriate.

Items made of material that is designed for use in the water that are allowed:

  • Women’s one and two piece bathing suits
  • Men’s Jammers or Speedo
  • Board Shorts (no grommets allowed)
  • Rash Guards
  • Religious swim wear (Ex. Burkini)

Items listed below are not allowed to be worn in the water at the aquatic facilities:

  • Bathing suits that do not have proper coverage (Ex. Thong and Cheeky bottoms)
  • Athletic shorts and pants (Ex. Running, Basketball, Volleyball, Yoga etc.)
  • Undergarments (Ex. Sports Bras, Underwear, Compression Shorts, Boxers, Briefs, etc.)
  • Clothing with grommets (Ex. Denim, Khacki shorts or pants, etc.)
  • Cotton Shirts (Ex. T-Shirts, tank tops, etc.)