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Welcome to Campus Recreation

The Campus Recreation team provides daily opportunities to make a difference in the lives of UH students and the community. This section of the website showcases the achievements and helps to “Tell Your story”. Campus Recreation provides the UH community an environment that cultivates the development of life skills through engaging and meaningful recreation programs, facilities and services.

Campus Recreation Staff

Area Contacts

  • Administrative Office

    Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm

  • Aquatic Facilities

    Phone: 713.743.7946

  • Welcome Desk

    Phone: 713.743.7529

  • Member Services

    Phone: 713.743.8106

  • Outdoor Adventure

    Phone: 713.743.9512

  • Rec Sports & Family Programs

    Phone: 713.743.8041

  • Reservations


    Phone: 713.743.8468
    Email: crecres@uh.edu


As a reminder of this inclusive environment, you will see individuals featured on this web-page, on social media and on posters in the Campus Recreation & Wellness Center who participate in Campus Recreation in their own unique way. Behind these pictures, each individual has their own story of why they are here. The purpose of sharing these with you is to expose you to all that we have to offer and to encourage you to experience it yourself and find your place within Campus Recreation.

Adrian Moreno

I am my only competition...and even I can't stop me.

Sabrina McMullen

Be the best you for you and nobody else.

John Zhao

Running every day is hard, but I know it is what I love to do to feel accomplished in my life.