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About Houston

At 8,778 square miles, the Greater Houston Area covers more ground than any other major city in America. In fact, Houston is as large as the entire countries of Israel and El Salvador. It has over 80 foreign consulates, the third-largest consular corps in the nation. A closer look reveals more.

The natural beauty of Houston is enhanced by its proximity to several waterways. Called the Bayou City, Houston is home to more than ten winding waterways that not only irrigate the lush landscape but serve as green spaces for fitness and nature enthusiasts. Several lakes and bays also provide pleasant scenes of fun in the sun as well as a feast for the eyes.

Beyond beauty, it is the business opportunities provided by Houston’s waterways that are the primary reasons for the city’s existence. The Port of Houston still thrives today, thanks to the dredging of Buffalo Bayou to form the famous Houston Ship Channel, connecting the city with the Gulf of Mexico. Other areas such as the Uptown/Galleria area, Greenway Plaza, Interstate 10’s Energy Corridor, and the Texas Medical Center. Public transportation and Houston’s excellent freeway system connect Houston’s 4 million-plus people to a revitalized and thriving downtown business and entertainment district.

Houston’s strong economy has brought with it a diverse population, which has worked to enhance high standards of excellence in two critical areas — education and worship. The Houston area consistently leads all of Texas in the number of exemplary schools, and because of our cultural diversity, the Houston Independent School District — just one of the many school districts in the area — serves students who speak dozens of languages.

This city is also home to 45 religions, from African Methodist to Zoroastrian. For all the far-reaching influences brought together in Houston, neighbors still share a common goal — the quality of life found in close-knit communities located within one metropolitan melting pot. For more information, browse Visit Houston.

Weather and Your Clothing

Summers in Houston are generally hot and humid. Winters are mild. A couple of thick sweaters, a coat and a pair of gloves should be ample for the winter months. Light cotton casual wear is recommended for most months. You also will need to prepare for rainy weather. For more information on the climate, visit The Weather Channel

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