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Graduate Research

Interdisciplinary Research – Rich Training Opportunities

Strong interdisciplinary research – within and among our six academic departments, with other UH colleges, and with other institutions – provides an environment rich with training opportunities for NSM graduate students.

Whether your interest is molecular genetics, superconductivity, cybersecurity, drug design, natural resource exploration, mathematical modeling or one of many other research possibilities, you will be integrated into a network of interdisciplinary collaborations employing some of the most advanced technologies and methods. Numerous national research grants to NSM faculty place you on the forefront of research impacting our nation and world.

Finding a Mentor and Research Home

Our faculty members have received national and international recognition, and the range of faculty strengths facilitates close matching of student and faculty interests. NSM’s research program promotes a strong national and international research agenda with more than $31 million in annual research expenditures. Within our numerous institutes and centers, our graduate students and faculty explore high-impact topics that draw on multiple areas of expertise.

Collaborative Research – Making Connections for Your Career

NSM faculty collaborations with energy companies, the Texas Medical Center, and NASA offer graduate research opportunities that build your professional network. Scientific visitors to NSM further supplement training by engaging in cooperative research, participating in seminar series, and supervising independent research projects.

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