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Medical Insurance

HealthSelect, which is administered by Blue Cross Blue Shield, provides you and your family with comprehensive benefits and access to more than 61,900 doctors in Texas and 684,000 nation-wide. HealthSelect offers you the greatest freedom of choice of any of your health care options. With two levels of benefits available to you, network and non-network, you determine your level of benefits by your choice of physicians, each time you receive care.

The State of Texas pays the health insurance premiums for full-time employees and half of the premiums for their dependents. If you are a full-time employee, working at a job where your regular schedule is 30 hours or more per week, you will be automatically enrolled in HealthSelect unless you actively opt out. If you are regularly scheduled to work at least 20 but less than 30 hours, you can select health coverage for you and your dependents, but you will not be automatically enrolled. The State pays half of the premiums for part-time state employees and 25% of their dependents’ premium costs. If you choose to forego utilizing the State of Texas medical insurance, you can find an insurance provider at

If you are new to state employment, you will become eligible for health insurance on the first day of the month following your first 60 days of employment.* You may use the script below to see your insurance start date.


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If you have transferred from another eligible state agency or institution with no break in coverage, or if you were covered as a dependent or on COBRA in the GBP, you may continue participation and not have a 60-day wait. You have 60 days to make health coverage changes and 30 days to make changes to optional benefits such as dental, disability, etc.

Opting Out of Employer-Sponsored Coverage

Some employees may prefer to opt out of employer-sponsored medical coverage at UH, either because they prefer the coverage offered by their spouse's plan, or because they work for UH part-time and would like to seek a different plan on the open marketplace. Opting out can only be done within the first 30 days of employment or during the annual enrollment period in July. Individuals who purchase medical insurance through the open marketplace should be aware that they will need to file additional paperwork with their annual Federal Tax Return: Health Insurance Marketplace Statement

Persons who remain covered under HealthSelect are not subject to the additional filing requirements.

Express Scripts Prescription Drug Coverage

Express Scripts is the prescription drug benefit manager for participants in HealthSelectSM of Texas.

You can create an online account on the Express Scripts website to order and refill prescriptions. Express Scripts has customer service representatives available at (800) 935-7189 (TTY 711).

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