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  • Graduate Student Hiring Procedures

  • Insurance Coverage Eligibility

    Insurance Coverage Eligibility – IA, TA, TF, GA, RA, and RA/TE are eligible for the university health insurance through the Employee Retirement System (ERS) if employed for 4 and a half continuous months at 20 hours.  Graduate students are not automatically enrolled in ERS and must contact the Human Resources Service Center for enrollment.

  • Summer Work Break and Leave of Absence

    Summer Work Break – IA, TA, and TF are automatically placed on Summer Work Break on 6/01.  IA, TA, and TF will be automatically returned from summer break effective 9/01.  

    Leave of Absence – If GA, RA and RA/TE who will not continue employment for the Summer, but will return in the Fall should be placed on Leave of Absence/Education on 6/01 and returned from leave on 9/01 by the department.

  • Queries

    eForms can be monitored and tracked by viewing the eForm workflow page, which is available under View an eForm. This page indicates where an eForm is in the process. Also, the following queries are available to monitor pending ePARs and ePRFs: 


    The queries will prompt you for a Division/College/Department ID. The queries provide you with the eForm #, ePAR Type, Empl ID or Position #, Originator, Last eForm Approver, and Next eForm Approver. 

    Additionally, the following queries are available to confirm job data and associated position funding for the new fiscal year: 


    The queries will prompt you for a Division/College/Department ID, Job Data/Dept Budget Table Effective Date, and Fiscal Year.

  • Benefits Orientation

    Human Resources can conduct a Benefits Orientation session in your department with a minimum of 10 or more graduate students.  For additional information, please contact Deanna Holmes at X3-3689 or  If other arrangements need to be made, please call X3-3988.

    Benefits Online Module

  • Resources

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