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The faculty, staff and student employees at the University of Houston are a big part of what makes this university great.  The work done by each employee contributes to student success and the university’s success directly and indirectly. 

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  • Presidents’ Excellence Awards

  • Staff Scholarships

  • New Employees

    We are happy that you have joined the UH family.  Whether you are joining us as a new faculty, staff or student employee, know that you have joined a great organization with great people who want to make a difference both in the student’s university experience and in future innovation initiatives.
  • Graduate Students

    To be eligible for a graduate student assistantship, students must have an undergraduate degree or its equivalent, be admitted to a graduate program, and be prepared to devote full-time efforts toward the degree. Students seeking Graduate Student Appointments to serve as classroom instructors or in other roles that require communicating with students in English (primarily Teaching Assistants or Teaching Fellows) must meet one of the following requirements before teaching begins:

    1. Completion of baccalaureate degree requirements at a regionally accredited U.S. institution or an institution in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, or the United Kingdom at which English is the medium of instruction.
    2. There are three ways to demonstrate proficiency in the English language: Test of Spoken English (TSE) (passing score of 50); Spoken Proficiency English Assessment Kit (SPEAK) Test (passing score of 50); or the internet Based Test (iBT) (passing score of 25). The TSE is administered at TOEFL test centers on TOEFL test dates. The SPEAK Test administration may be arranged with the UH Testing Center.
    3. Provide evidence of spoken English language proficiency using an alternate method to satisfy spoken English fluency requirements. Departments and colleges are permitted to develop alternative methods to assess spoken English language ability for those who do not pass the SPEAK test. Alternative methods must be approved by The Graduate School. The college of Natural Science and Mathematics currently has an approved alternative procedure to verify spoken English fluency. Please refer to policies and procedures developed by NSM for more details.
  • Temporary Student Employees

    When considering payment for students in such classifications as camp assistants, camp instructors, coaching service-camps, lab assistants, mentors, research assistants, program assistants and student leadership, departments must begin to pay for these services through UH Payroll.  Accounts Payable will no longer process payments via vouchers.  The list of services is not meant to be all inclusive.  For assistance with determining Employee/Independent Contractor classification please reference the “Worker Classification Checklist” in MAPP 02.03.02 (below).