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Instructor Support & Resources

Instructors: If you need any TurningPoint Desktop support for ResponseCard (Clicker) and TurningPoint Mobile, you can use the following instructor resources.  If you can't find the answers in these resources, please feel free to contact the FDIS office at or 832-842-2147. 

If you need support beyond the FDIS office hours of operation, please contact Turning Technologies Technical Support Team by phone at 866-746-3015 or Ms. Bria Bennett, Turning Client Success Leader,

Instructor Resources for TurningPoint Desktop

- Quick Start Guides

  • Getting Started: PC  vs  Mac
  • PowerPoint Polling: PC  vs Mac
  • Anywhere Polling: All
  • Self-Paced Polling: All

- User Guides

- TurningPoint Mobile Online Help

    • About TurningPoint Mobile
    • Using the TurningPoint Mobile App
    • Live Assessment
    • Self-Paced Assessment