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Echo360 PointSolutions

Echo360 PointSolutions Mobile or ResponseCard (Clicker) enables the instructor to capture immediate feedback from every student at classroom.  Incorporating with Microsoft PowerPoint, the instructor can identify students' understanding, engage students, and enhance class participation.



Echo360 PointSolutions Mobile allows students to use their mobile devices that operate on iOS (Apple), Android, Blackberry, or PalmOS platforms, as response devices (Clickers) for an interactive class session. Devices must be able to access Wi-Fi or their phone service provider to participate successfully.


ResponseCard (Clicker)

The Echo360 ResponseCard is the size of a credit card, and an easy-to-use interactive response device that allows students to engage learning activities.  In order for instructors to receive students' responses from the ResponseCard, instructors use a response receiver which is plugged into the USB port.


Getting Started: If you are thinking of incorporating the Echo360 PointSolutions in your classroom, you can contact the FDIS office at for the TurningPoint training and receive a free teacher kit.