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Turnitin is an online plagiarism-detection application. It does not need to require software download to the computer and is available for Mac and PC users.

Using Turnitin, the instructor can easily discover if your students are plagiarizing content written by others. Turnitin has a capability of comparing submitted papers to myriad content that is available on the internet and in its proprietary databases. UH has an institutional license for Turnitin, so instructors may use the service for free.

Ways to use Turnitin

Inside of Blackboard

The majority of UH instructors have integrated Turnitin into Blackboard course. It is set up inside their Blackboard courses. Through the Blackboard Learn, students can submit assignments into Turnitin with single sign-in, and instructors can synchronize students’ rosters between Blackboard and Turnitin easily. Students' grades in Turnitin can be synchronized back to the Blackboard gradebook.

Outside of Blackboard

The tool may be used outside of Blackboard as well, but the process requires more from the instructor to set up the account in the Turnitin company website, provide account information to students, and work with the Turnitin company support if there is an issue with getting students' work. To use Turnitin outside of Blackboard, you must have a University of Houston account ID and password. Please email fdis@uh.edu for the password to use Turnitin outside of Blackboard.

Please note that our license does not allow Turnitin to be used for checking manuscripts, dissertations and theses. It can be used only by instructors for checking course work submitted to an active class. For checking your personal work, we recommend iThenticate. Please be aware that iThenticate is not supported by UH.