Instructional Designer by College - University of Houston
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Instructional Designers by College

Office of Faculty and Departmental Instructional Support (FDIS)

Dr. Teresa Acosta, Director 832-842-2142
Brian Gharala 713-743-3553

Dr. Marsha P Heard 832-842-2144
Dr. Jackie Jing-Fong Hsu 832-842-2143
Anjana Singhal 713-743-3730
FDIS team 832-842-2147

Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture

FDIS 832-842-2147

College of the Arts

FDIS 832-842-2147

C. T. Bauer School of Business

David del Pino Kloques 713-743-0120

College of Education

Velvette Laurence 713-743-5918

College of Engineering

Joseph McDonough 713-743-9972

Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management

Gautam Taneja, Manager 713-743-2494

College of Law

FDIS 832-842-2147

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

Dr. Linda Davis, Director 713-743-3688
Fang Fang 713-743-3685
Thanh Tran 713-743-0236
Dr. Sunhong Hwang 713-743-3821
Jingyuan Fu 713-743-6964
CLASSIDT 713-743-3918

College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Andrea Arias-Rodriguez 713-743-6175

College of Nursing

Bb Faculty Support Svcs 1-844-570-6763


College of Optometry

FDIS 832-842-2147

College of Pharmacy

Paul Boyle, Director 713-743-5239

Hobby School of Public Affairs

FDIS 832-842-2147

Honors College

FDIS 832-842-2147

Graduate College of Social Work

Dr. Courtney Wilson 713-743-1732

College of Medicine

Devin Dabney, Director 713-743-1858

College of Technology

Bouchra Bakach 713-743-5294
Keikei Porterfield 713-743-6871

If you have any questions about Instructional Design services, please contact

For evening and weekend support, contact Bb Faculty Support Services: 1-844-570-6763