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Active Learning with TurningPoint

TurningPoint polling software allows instructors to ask interactive questions, track participant progress and receive instant feedback. It also supports instructors in creating student-centered learning environments that enhance some active learning activities, such as Gamification, Peer Instruction, and Agile Teaching.

Gamification with TurningPoint

In an educational environment, the gamification of learning motivates students to learn by using game elements. Through the gaming process, students are actively involved in the learning activity, enjoy the games and are inspired to continue learning. TurningPoint has a range of features to incorporate gamification easily into any learning activity .… Read More

Peer Instruction with TurningPoint

Peer Instruction is an interactive teaching method. The instructor asks a conceptual question and students report their answers anonymously. Then, students work in small groups to explain their individual answers to their peers. TurningPoint can facilitate the process of Peer Instruction efficiently .… Read More

Agile Teaching with TurningPoint

Dr. Derek Bruff, Director of the Vanderbilt University Center for Teaching, has explained how student response systems (SRS) can be an effective method to collect students’ feedback and facilitate Agile Teaching .… Read More