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Policy Briefs

Researchers across the nation use the University of Houston Education Research Center (UH ERC) data repository to conduct investigations aimed at informing education policy.  The Policy Briefs published below summarize the findings of research conducted at the UH ERC.

Each policy brief is a result of approved research conducted using data through the UH ERC. Results, opinions, recommendations or points of view expressed in the policy brief represent the work and consensus of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official position or policies of the University of Houston, the UH ERC and/or its funding organizations.

Project Nbr. Policy Brief

Optimal Subsidies for Increasing Two-Year and Four-Year College Graduation Rates, December 2020.

Mehreen Gul, Brian Holzman, and Kenneth Stice - Rice University


 The Role of College Prep Course Offerings and Course-Taking in Long-Term Educational Outcomes, December 2020.

Brian Holzman, Kori Stroub, Camila Cigarroa Kennedy, Bethany Lewis, and Kenneth Stice - Rice University


 Tracking Eighth Graders' Post-Secondary Outcomes in Texas, December 2020.

Brian Holzman, Jie Wu, Mingming Zhang, Matthew J. Martinez, and Kenneth Stice - Rice University


Analyzing the Effects of the Noyce Program on STEM Teacher Placement and Retention in Highest-Need Schools, February 2023.

Toni Templeton, Chaunté White, Michelle Tran, Sherri Lowrey, and Catherine L. Horn - University of Houston


Texas Classroom Teacher Certification, October 2023.

Toni Templeton, Sherri Lowrey, and Catherine L. Horn - University of Houston


Evaluating Educator Preparation Programs in the State of Texas, July 2020.

James Van Overschelde - Texas State University 


The Effect of Neighborhood Incarceration Rates on the Schooling Outcomes of Elementary-Aged Children, August 2021.

Elizabeth Luh - University of Houston


Evaluation of the Community Youth Development Program in Texas, July 2022.

Rabia Telli - Rice University


Assessing the Texas State Grant Aid Program, April 2022.

Sandy Baum and Kristin Blagg - Urban Institute


The Impact of Texas Emerging Research Universities on Student Outcomes, December 2020.

Miranda Wilson - University of Houston


The Texas Top Ten Percent Plan's Effect on Historically Marginalized Students Attaining Professional School Degrees

Toni Templeton, Chaunté White, and Catherine L. Horn - University of Houston


Beyond Texas School Walls: A Closer Look at Disparities in Exclusionary Discipline Practices, October 2021.

Dina Ghazzawi, Christopher Burnett, Chaunte White, and Catherine Horn - University of Houston