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UH-ERC Data Warehouse

Data Inventory: This Excel file contains a listing and brief description of all of the data housed in the Education Research Centers.  Thank you to The University of Texas Education Research for creating this document.

Texas Education Agency Data: Data from the public PK-12 school system in Texas is provided by the Texas Education Agency.  The agency publishes codebooks describing the variables and values collected, as well as codebooks for the state standardized testing data.

Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board DataThe Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board data is organized by institution type.  Codebooks are provided to describe the variables and values of each file.

Synthetic Data: These synthetic data are provided to researchers for activities that may be achieved before access to the University of Houston Education Researcher Center (UH ERC) is granted.  Examples of work that may benefit from such utilization include: basic familiarization with the types of ERC data available, gather ERC data information for development of proposals, and write and prepare preliminary data code for use within the UH ERC for analysis.  The UH ERC would like to thank The University of Texas at Dallas Education Research Center for creating the original set of synthetic data and allowing UH ERC use of the data.  

*For additional information on the data housed in the UH ERC, please contact Toni Templeton at