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M.Ed. in Higher Education Program Overview

The M.Ed. in Higher Education program prepares those who aspire to leadership positions in student affairs and other key administrative areas within a college or university. Our graduates are employed in a variety of different types of postsecondary institutions, including: community and technical colleges, research universities, liberal arts colleges, and minority-serving colleges and universities.

Numerous studies have documented the impending ‘leadership gap’ in higher education, noting the insufficient number of qualified candidates prepared to assume the leadership roles that will soon be vacated by retirements. Our program is addressing this gap by equipping students with the knowledge and skills required to become the next generation of leaders in the field of higher education.

What will I learn?

Through relevant coursework, research opportunities, experiential learning, and professional developmental activities, our graduates are equipped to: 

  • Thrive in the diverse, fast-paced, and often uncertain contexts unique to colleges and universities.
  • Exhibit leadership qualities grounded in theory and effective practice.
  • Positively influence student adjustment to college, academic performance, and ultimately, completion of a degree.
  • Realign campus support services with student needs through meaningful strategic planning and policy analysis.
  • Become change agents whose efforts ultimately lead to increased access and success for students, particularly for those from less advantaged backgrounds.

What can I do with my degree?

Graduates of the M.Ed. in Higher Education program are prepared to pursue a wide range of careers in higher education. Many of our graduates have gone on to pursue their Ph.D. in Higher Education. Some graduates assume leadership roles in non-profit organizations focused on improving college access and success. Most commonly, our M.Ed. graduates assume positions or promotions within the following administrative areas on a college or university campus:

  • Student Affairs
  • Academic Affairs and Advising
  • Recruitment and Outreach
  • Admission and Financial Aid 
  • Housing and Residential Life
  • Career Services
  • Student Retention and Success Programs
  • Institutional Research, Policy, and Planning

Which delivery method (face-to-face or online) is right for me?

The M.Ed. in Higher Education offers two modes of degree pursuit: face-to-face and online. Both delivery formats utilize a cohort model that enables students to earn their master’s degree in two years. Both program formats adhere to the same admission, coursework, and performance expectations.

For students who value in-person learning and Graduate Assistantship opportunities, the face-to-face cohort is an excellent way to build academic and personal connections. Alternatively, the online program is an outstanding option for full-time higher education professionals seeking career advancement, but who are unable to physically visit the UH campus (or any university campus) multiple times each week. Our Frequently Asked Questions page addresses common questions about the two delivery formats.

To apply for the M.Ed. in Higher Education program, please visit Graduate Admissions.