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Professional Development Subcommittees


DSA Connect creates opportunities for staff to connect on a personal level to build relationships with others across the Division.

Customer Service

The Division of Student Affairs unveiled its Customer Service Standard in October 2016, summarized as themes that set expectations for each department to achieve.

DSA staff engage customers with an ethic of care in a manner that demonstrates courtesy, attentiveness, active listening, proactive problem-solving, and patience while executing the functions of their job. It is expected that staff across the division possess cultural sensitivity and awareness of our diverse customers.

To help departments achieve these standards, the Customer Service Subcommittee has launched the "Spread the Red" campaign. This campaign is a series of customer service training modules designed to complement the Points of Excellence outlined in the DSA Customer Service Standard.

Upcoming Spread the Red events:

  • Red Foundations: October 12, 2021
    Please save the date! A review of the DSA Customer Service Standard and ways to demonstrate the points of excellence; general customer service discussions; re-visit the Telephone Answering Protocol.
  • Internal Customer Service: Week of October 18, 2021
    Speaks to the Ethic of Care. We feel that the way we treat our “internal” customers—our peers—how we “care” for each other, has a direct effect on how we treat our customers. In this module we explore ways we can do this better.
  • Listening Skills: Week of November 1, 2021
    Speaks to the Active Listening and Attentiveness point of excellence. We know that there are many skills necessary to provide a positive customer service experience. We feel that listening skills is the “catalyst” or “premier” skill that we must possess.
  • Defusing Angry Customers: Week of November 15, 2021
    Speaks to Proactive Problem Solving and Patience. Participants will learn techniques to de-escalate situations.
  • Diversity and Custumer Service: Week of December 6, 2021
    Speaks to Cultural Sensitivity and awareness. We will explore ways to effectively serve our diverse cultures and generational cultures in our day-to-day encounters with our customers.

DSA team members can register online to attend Spread the Red trainings.


An ongoing series of workshops and activities to better yourself as a person and professional with experiences such as wellness and authenticity at work.


New professionals in the field can participate in this institute to learn personal and professional development lessons from seasoned colleagues, to improve effectiveness within the first five years.


Sponsored by the Professional Development Committee, the DSA LINK Program pairs experienced and excelling staff members with staff who are interested in developing their career and leadership skills. The program is structured to provide support, networking opportunities, and professional development training to help staff members develop their careers and become effective contributors to the UH community.

The Professional Development Committee would like to thank you for your interest in the DSA LINK Program. Listed below are details about the application process for the program. Should you have any questions, please contact Courtney McElroy.

Please also listen to the Art of Mentoring: LINKed Together, a podcast discussing mentorship and the LINK program.


This institute series is to help supervisors navigate university policies and responsibilities while learning how to best support their staff by developing new management and leadership skills.


A series of activities related to the latest hot topics and current issues arising in higher education.

This semester, the PDC will offer a series of Electronic Resource Toolkits for staff members related to a variety of hot topics. Toolkit topics, links, and dates of availability are listed below:


Receive a welcome package with digital orientation and engage in sessions to meet other colleagues and understand the culture of the University and Division. *For new DSA Employees.

SYNC events are intended for staff within their first year of employment within the Division; invitations will be sent directly to appropriate staff members to invite them to SYNC events.