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Ignite Success Stories

  • Dr. Dai Nguyen

    Dr. Dai Nguyen, PT, DPT

    Graduated from Ignite: Inaugural class
    Graduated UH: Spring 2017
    Currently: Physical Therapist

    "I owe much of my communication, goal setting, and leadership skills to the Ignite program! Ignite taught me and so many other like-minded individuals the skills we needed in the real world, and in turn helped pave the way for me to achieve my dreams of becoming a physical therapist."

  • Jennifer Tran

    Jennifer Tran

    Graduated from Ignite: Fall 2017
    Graduated UH: Fall 2020

    "As a freshman in college, I did not know much about campus organizations or student life until I got involved in Ignite. Ignite provides a space for students to build connections and create positive goals. Ignite has helped me develop strong leadership and interpersonal skills that have been very useful throughout college."

  • Will Tonthat

    Kaitlyn Lopez (Carter)

    Graduated from Ignite: Fall 2013
    Graduated UH: Fall 2014
    Currently: Sr. Environmental Specialist - Crestwood Midstream

    "Ignite was truly the beginning of my inner-confidence. It planted the knowledge and built my attitude towards servant leadership. It gave me the tools to face many different challenges, while also being empathetic to those around me, which is invaluable."

  • Will Tonthat

    Nimrah Baig

    Graduated from Ignite: Fall 2015
    Ignite Mentor: Fall 2016
    Graduated UH: Spring 2019
    Currently: Graduate school

    "My experience with Ignite was so meaningful and memorable. As someone who was incredibly indecisive throughout undergrad (and even now), I took comfort in knowing I had a strong foundation based on the leadership skills I acquired. I met inspiring and genuine people who helped me figure out what I wanted to do in college. At most interviews, this part of my resume is always a topic of conversation and it even became a major part of my personal statements for graduate school."

  • Nola Valente

    Nola Valente

    Graduated from Ignite: Fall 2013
    Graduated UH: Fall 2014
    Currently: Sr. Environmental Specialist - Crestwood Midstream

    "Ignite Leadership gave me the opportunity to meet people with growth mindsets. It was great to step out of my comfort zone and build connections. I advise every student who joins the program to take full advantage of networking with the students involved because you never know how you all could help each other out post-graduation."

  • Zachary LG Timms

    Zachary LG Timms

    Graduated from Ignite: Fall 2016
    Graduating UH: Spring 2021
    Currently: Incoming employee at Jacobs Engineering

    "Ignite was the very first UH program I was ever a part of. It gave tools in teamwork, leadership, and self-evaluation that I have used through my entire collegiate career. Ignite was instrumental in giving me the agency I needed to pursue other opportunities including Orientation Team, Student Housing and Residential Life, College of Technology Ambassador, Frontier Fiesta and registered student organizations such as Collegiate100. In all of these positions, I was able to apply lessons I learned from my very first semester at UH with my Fall 2016 Ignite Cohort. I will be forever grateful to Ignite for sparking that leadership in me."