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Research Training

The lab aims to provide educational opportunities to undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral students in research training. In our lab we pay special attention to the research training environment by following some of the principles known to enhance a research training environment: faculty and senior students model scientific behavior, ethics and attitudes; research activity is positively reinforced both formally and informally; students can become involved in research from early on in their university career, meeting them at the level they feel comfortable; and students are shown how science and practice can be integrated. By creating a research training environment that enhances curiosity, productivity and critical thinking we add to the development of the student becoming a full-rounded psychologist who can work in clinical and research settings after graduating.

Continuity between thesis and dissertation work is encouraged. As graduate members of the research team, graduates are likely to take the lead on a particular project under the direct supervision of Dr. Sharp. Undergraduates may get involved in many levels of the research projects, and may receive training in clinical interviews, data management and analyses and experimental work. Undergraduates are encouraged to participate in the preparation and publication of manuscripts. They work under the supervision of Dr. Sharp and her graduate students. If you are an undergraduate interested in joining our lab, email our Lab Manager, Estefania Fernandez at

Lab organization

Dr. Sharp is the Director of the lab. Sophie Kerr (senior graduate student) is the Assistant Lab Director who works with Dr. Sharp to run the lab. Estefania Fernandez is the lab Manager who manages the day-to-day activities of the lab across several projects.