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Placement Testing

The ASLI faculty provide placement testing opportunities at the beginning of every semester for students who have prior exposure to American Sign Language (ASL) to determine fluency. Students will be asked a series of questions in a conversational style to determine course placement. This test will be video recorded for evaluation purposes only.

The placement test will last for approximately 30 minutes and will be conducted in ASL only. There will be no vocalizing or speaking allowed. The goal of this test is to capture the best sample of a student’s ASL skills. In order to elicit your best ASL skills, the ASLI faculty may ask you to “re-sign” (restate) some responses.

Who must register for placement testing? 

  • First-time UH students that took ASL in high school (to determine if you have sufficient skills to test out of SGNL 1301)
  • Students that took an ASL (SGNL) course for college/university credit 12+ months ago 
  • Any student that took an ASL (SGNL) course the previous semester/term at a different college/university
  • If you take a SGNL course at UH and do not earn the grade desired, you cannot take a placement test to enroll in the next level of ASL.
  • Appropriate solid color background and distraction-free clothing (no logos, stripes, hats, dangling earrings) is required

For those wishing to enroll in SGNL 1301, placement testing is NOT required. For more information or to book an appointment, click on the link provided.

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