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The University Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic (USLHC) is currently providing speech, language, and hearing services at the following community facilities and schools: 

  • Magnolia Multi-Service Center 
  • Third Ward Multi-Service Health Center 
  • House of Tiny Treasures 
  • Southwest Charter Schools
  • MeyerPark Charter School
  • Community health fairs and events 

Magnolia Multi-Service Center 

Screening, evaluation, and treatment for children and adults with communication disorders are provided by graduate clinicians under the supervision of a certified and licensed speech-language pathologist. These services are offered weekly at the Multi-Service Center or via telepractice, whereby therapy is delivered online in the client's home or any setting where high-speed internet is available. 

HARC at UH Third Ward Multi-Service Center 

The USLHC, in partnership with the Houston Aphasia Recovery Center (HARC), provides weekly drop-in Conversation Groups for adults who have suffered a stroke or other neurological event and have difficulty communicating as a result (aphasia). The purpose of the groups, which meet weekly, is to provide persons with aphasia opportunities to communicate in a supportive environment. Groups practice communication using speech, gesture, written language, or communication devices and are facilitated by graduate clinicians under the supervision of a certified and licensed speech-language pathologist. 

House of Tiny Treasures 

The House of Tiny Treasures (HTT) is part of SEARCH, non-profit organization. HTT is a preschool facility for children whose parents are homeless, living in a shelter, or who have a history of homelessness and are enrolled in vocational rehabilitation programs. Graduate clinicians from the USLHC administer screeningsevaluations, group and individual therapy, and pre-literacy enrichment at HTT under the supervision of a certified and licensed speech-language pathologistParent education and collaboration with other therapy disciplines are also provided. HTT houses four classrooms, ranging in age from toddler to pre-K. 

Southwest Schools 

The USLHC provides screening, evaluation, and group and individual therapy to four Southwest campuses using an educational service delivery model. Under the supervision of a certified and licensed speech-language pathologist, graduate clinicians administer screenings, speech/language evaluations, and group and individual therapy sessions to eligible students. 

MeyerPark Charter School 

MeyerPark Elementary School is a charter school serving Pre-K through 6th Grade, with the mission of providing a supportive, challenging elementary school atmosphere and an educational alternative to traditional public school. Under the supervision of a certified and licensed speech-language pathologist, graduate clinicians administer screenings, speech/language evaluations, and group and individual therapy sessions to eligible students.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas Grant

Due to the generous gift from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, COMD graduate students in training work together with students from other colleges at the University of Houston to provide hearing, vision, and speech/language screenings to children attending schools in the Greater Houston area. Call 713-743-0915 or email to determine if your school is eligible for these services.

Community Outreach Services 

Hearing screenings and speech/language screenings are available to community facilities and schools. Contact the USLHC, 713-743-0915, or email to schedule group screenings. Scheduling months in advance is recommended to ensure availability.  

Click here for a list of screening services.