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Current Students



 UH ASLI faculty and students - 2018.

ASLI students have access to the following resources:

  • Native users of ASL for language instruction;
  • Experienced interpreting Faculty for skills modeling;
  • Competitive admissions process and personalized acceptance plans (when needed);
  • Membership in the ASL Society at UH;
  • Monthly events for community involvement, volunteering opportunities and language exposure;
  • Library resources for assigned research projects regarding ASL and interpreting topics;
  • Designated Language tutor for ASLI students;
  • ASLI Language lab equipped with webcams and recording software to capture video stimuli;
  • DVDs for ASL language development;
  • DVDs for simultaneous and consecutive interpreting practice;
  • Books and materials for ASL and English skills development;
  • Certification Test prep materials.