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Becoming a Volunteer Note-taker

Thank you for your interest in serving as a volunteer note-taker for a classmate with a disability. This short guide provides instructions on how to complete your registration with our office. Submit your application as a volunteer student note-taker. Please reach out to us at for any questions or concerns.

How to sign up as a note-taker

  1. You can access your AIM student portal by going to the Dart Center’s website and click the “Returning Student button”. The AIM portal is integrated with the UH authentication system and you will use your CougarNet credentials (Example: to login.
  2. Now that you are on the AIM portal welcome screen, you will see two options, Getting Started and Sign Up as Note-taker. Click on Sign Up as Note-taker to register as a Note-taker for the Dart Center.
  3. Please read the eligibility requirements carefully. Students interested in being a note-taker must:
    • Attend class regularly
    • Have strong note-taking skills
    • Have legible handwriting or be able to provide typed notes
    • Upload notes to AIM in 24 hours
  4. The following information is required to proceed:
    • School ID: This is your 7 digit UH PeopleSoft ID number.
    • Username: Please use your AccessUH username when entering your login information. (Example: Jdart)
    • Email Address: Use your UH CougarNet email to register with us.
  5. You will now be at the screen shown below. Please provide the information as required. The availability of this information will ensure that we will be able to process your application in a timely manner and be able to contact you if needed. Click on “Register as a note-taker" to proceed further.
    • Note: In the contact information section, please provide your email address and PeopleSoft ID.
  6. Now you will have to search and select the course(s) you are taking this semester and want to be a note-taker for.
    • Note: Register as a note-taker only for the classes you are going to enroll in during the course semester. Students cannot be note-takers for classes they are not enrolled in. If you experience problems with AIM, email with details of your issue for assistance.
  7. Once you have selected the course(s), you will then read and complete the Note-taker Agreement. Please read it carefully. After you have read the agreement, please sign the form digitally by typing your name in the space provided.
  8. After signing the note-taker agreement, you can verify the class details and click Submit Your Class Schedule. The Dart Center will receive and review your application.
    • Note: You are not yet confirmed as a note-taker at this point. You will receive an email if there is a need. Due to the amount of students we serve, we may not be able to notify you if there is no longer a need.
    • In case you want to withdraw your application for this particular course, select the Cancel This Class option in the status column.

Assignment as a volunteer note-taker

If you register through AIM to be a volunteer note-taker for a class that has a current note-taking need, you will be notified. After you have received this confirmation, you can then login to AIM and upload your notes. Toward the top of the screen, there is a “Note-taker” tab. You will click that and this is where you will upload your notes.

Please be aware that even though your instructor may have announced that a note-taker was needed, the note-taking assignment could be filled by another note-taker, the student may no longer need a note-taker, or the student may not be in the class any longer. If a note-taker is no longer needed, you will not be assigned. We are very thankful that you signed up to be a volunteer note-taker and hope you will continue to do so in future semesters.