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Faculty Information for finding a note taker

The Dart Center recognizes the importance of clarity and supportive information to ensure both faculty and the student receiving this accommodation need for it to be successful. Below is some information on the process and creative options.

Information on the Notetaking process for faculty – what happens once an…

  1. Log into the AIM Faculty portal or check UH email to see if any note taking accommodation request has been received from a student in your class.
  2. AIM Accommodation letter will have notetaking services listed as an accommodation
  3. Decide what form of notetaking support can best be provided and work for your course and the student with the note taking accommodation.

Helpful Notetaking Options

  • Peer notetaker – this will be a student who is already in your course and would already be taking notes.
    • A general announcement or one on one meeting can be scheduled with potential peer notetaking candidate to discuss the need and refer the student back to the Dart website for additional information and instructions.
  • Dart Center Student – may know someone in the course they would like to serve as their note taker.
  • Supplemental faculty notes- notes can be provided to the Dart Center student directly via email or other ideal method.

Make announcement to class or approach a student privately to let the class know you are looking for a peer note taker. Please keep the student’s identity and need confidential.

Example: Good afternoon or morning class I am looking for a student to serve as a notetaker. There are incentives such as priority registration or a letter of recommendation from the Dart Center.