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Alternate Format Textbooks Requesting Books in Alternate Format

The Student Accessibility Center is partnered with websites BookShare and AccessText Network to accommodate students that require their textbooks in an alternate format, such as in

  • Screen readable PDF files
  • Audio files

First, check with the publisher to see what alternate formats are already offered for you to purchase instead of a print copy. Many publishers offer digital versions of texts that screen-reading software can use. This may be the fastest option for you.

Next, purchase print copies of your books and keep the receipt. If the publisher does not offer a suitable format you can purchase, you may request your textbooks in an alternate format from the Student Accessibility Center. You will need to purchase the required books and then submit to the Student Accessibility Center a receipt of the book(s) as proof of purchase. You will need to e-mail the Alternate Book Coordinator the following information:

  1. Personal contact information such as
    1. Your name
    2. UH ID number (PS ID#)
    3. E-mail address that you check often
    4. Phone number where you can be contacted
  2. Textbook information (about each required textbook you are requesting)
    1. Preferred format - whether you need the book in screen readable PDF file format or audio files
    2. Title of the book
    3. Author(s) name(s)
    4. ISBN-10/ISBN-13 number
    5. Name of publisher
    6. Edition number (if applicable)
    7. Year published

Requests will be made after receiving your request. The book coordinator will notify you by phone or e-mail of the progress of your request.

Please allow twenty-four hours to several weeks for your request to be fulfilled. Please request your required textbooks as early as practical in the semester.

Textbooks other than required texts for your courses will be considered on a case-by-case basis. You may be asked to submit a brief personal statement explaining the need for such conversion requests.

When your requested books are available for pickup, please notify Student Accessibility Center if you would like a CD or if you will bring a flash drive for the book files.