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Accommodations and Services

Upon completion of a student registering with the Dart Center, submitting documentation from an appropriate health care professional and meeting with an Access Coordinator, staff will work to connect students with reasonable accommodations to help address specific access barriers for each student. Every accommodation plan is unique to the student's disability, access barrier, documentation, and may include past experiences of utilizing accommodations. Accommodations and services available to students may include, but not be limited to:

  • Extended test and quiz time
  • Distraction reduced environments
  • Audio recording of lectures
  • Note-taking support
  • Assistive Technology training and access
  • Alternative Format for documents, textbooks, and course materials
  • Sign language interpreters
  • CART or Communication-Access-Real-Time
  • Accessible furniture
  • Housing accommodation's

In addition to in-class related experiences, the Dart Center can explore accessibility for:

  • Exams/learning assessments
  • Field trips
  • Labs
  • Internships/practicums
  • Study abroad
  • All class related activities

Note: We encourage students to connect with the Dart Center and or Access Coordinator to start this dialogue as early as possible

University of Houston Events

The Dart Center and University of Houston values access for all students to enjoy the variety of opportunities for students. If you need to request a specific accommodations for an event, please contact the Dart Center at (713) 743-5400 or Requests should be made a minimum of five (5) days in advance to ensure adequate time to support accommodation request.

In your request please include the event title, date, time, location, and necessary details to help us better understand what might be needed to provide an accommodation.

Other Services

  • Advocacy
  • Workshops and presentations
  • Disability-related counseling and support
  • Outreach and education
  • Resource referral/coordination