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Peer Reviewed Articles

George Hawley, "Home Affordability, Female Marriage Rates, and Vote Choice in the 2000 Presidential Election: Evidence from U.S. Counties." (Forthcoming) Party Politics

George Hawley, "Political Threat and Immigration: Party Identification, Demographic Context, and Immigration Policy Preference." Social Science Quarterly 92 (2011): 425-433

Alan Steinberg, “Exploring the Adoption and Use of New Media in the Obama Presidency: Is White House 2.0 Really Just White House 1.5?” White House Studies (2013).

Alan Steinberg, “Weapons in Space: The Need to Protect Space Assets.” Astropolitics: The International Journal of Space Politics & Policy 10, no. 3 (2012).
David Plazek & Alan Steinberg, “Political Science Funding Black Out in North America? Trends in Funding Should not be Ignored.” PS: Political Science & Politics 46, no. 3 (2013).

Ching-Hsing Wang, "Party Identification and Attitude toward the Independence-Unification Issue in Taiwan" Issues & Studies (2013).

Ching-Hsing Wang, "The Effects of Party Fractionalization and Party Polarization on Democracy" Party Politics (2013).

Jorge L. Saldana, "Political Careers of Chilean Deputies, 1989-2013: Evolution and Implications for Political Representation." Revista Politica 52(2): 127-155. (2015)

Peer Reviewed Articles Co-Authored with Houston Faculty

Abdullah Aydogan and Jonathan Slapin, "Left-right Reversed: Parties and Ideology in Modern Turkey" Party Politics (Forthcoming).

Kirkland, Justin H. and R. Lucas Williams. 2014. “Partisanship and Reciprocity in Cross- Chamber Legislative Interactions.” The Journal of Politics (Forthcoming). 

Jennifer Clark and Luke Williams. "Parties, Term Limits and Representation in the U.S. States" American Politics Research 42(1):171-93. (2014)

Michelle Belco and Brandon Rottinghaus, In Lieu of Legislation: Executive Unilateral Preemption or Support During the Legislative Process.” Political Research Quarterly (2014)

Clark, Jennifer Hayes and Veronica Caro. 2013. "Multi-member Districts and the Substantive Representation of Women: An Analysis of Legislative Cosponsorship Networks." Politics and Gender 9(1): 1-30.

Eduardo Alemán, Aldo Ponce Ugolini, and Iñaki Sagarzazu, “Legislative Parties in Volatile Non-Programmatic Party Systems: The Peruvian Case in Comparative Perspective.” Latin American Politics and Society 53:3, 25

Michelle H. Belco and Brandon J. Rottinghaus, “Presidential Proclamation 6920: Using Executive Power to Set a New Direction for Management of National Monuments.” Presidential Studies Quarterly 39(2009): 605-618.

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Brandon Rottinghaus and Chris Nicholson, “Counting Congress In: Patterns of Success in Judicial Nomination Requests by Members of Congress to the President.” American Politics Research 38 (2010): 691-717.

Susan E. Scarrow and Burcu Geznor, "Declining memberships, changing members? European political party members in a new era." Party Politics 16 (2011): 823-843.

Book Chapters

Peter Kingstone and Aldo Ponce Ugolini, “From Cardoso to Lula: The Triumph of Pragmatism in Brazil” in Leftist Governments in Latin America: Successes and Shortcomings, edited by Kurt Weyland, Wendy Hunter and Raúl Madrid, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2010.

Other Publications

Simay Ozlu Diniz, “Turkish Business Cowboys in the U.S.” Political Reflection.

Aldo Ponce Ugolini, “Foreign Direct Investment and Civil Rights: Testing Decreasing Returns to Civil Rights.” Romanian Journal of Political Science, 10(1), 2010.

John Jackson, Richard Myers, and Thomas Cowper, "Leadership in the Net-Centric Organization," Advancing Police Leadership: Proceedings of the Futures Working Group, Vol. 6, J.A. Schafer and S. Boyd, eds. Quantico, Virginia, March 2010.

Ching-Hsing Wang, “Analysis of Legislators’ Law-Making and Constituency Service: Continuity and Change After Party Turnover in the Year 2000.” Taiwanese Political Science Review 13(2009): 113-169 (written in Chinese).

Ching-Hsing Wang and Taofang Huang. 2009. “The Electorate’s Voting Participation.” in Lu-huei Chen, Ching-hsin Yu and Chi Huang (eds.) 2008 Presidential Election: the Critical Election of the Second Party Turnover. Taipei: Wu Nan Press, 2009. (written in Chinese).