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Peer Reviewed Articles

George Hawley, "Home Affordability, Female Marriage Rates, and Vote Choice in the 2000 Presidential Election: Evidence from U.S. Counties." (Forthcoming) Party Politics

George Hawley, "Political Threat and Immigration: Party Identification, Demographic Context, and Immigration Policy Preference." Social Science Quarterly 92 (2011): 425-433

Alan Steinberg, “Exploring the Adoption and Use of New Media in the Obama Presidency: Is White House 2.0 Really Just White House 1.5?” White House Studies (2013).

Alan Steinberg, “Weapons in Space: The Need to Protect Space Assets.” Astropolitics: The International Journal of Space Politics & Policy 10, no. 3 (2012).
David Plazek & Alan Steinberg, “Political Science Funding Black Out in North America? Trends in Funding Should not be Ignored.” PS: Political Science & Politics 46, no. 3 (2013).

Ching-Hsing Wang, "Party Identification and Attitude toward the Independence-Unification Issue in Taiwan" Issues & Studies (2013).

Ching-Hsing Wang, "The Effects of Party Fractionalization and Party Polarization on Democracy" Party Politics (2013).

Jorge L. Saldana, "Political Careers of Chilean Deputies, 1989-2013: Evolution and Implications for Political Representation." Revista Politica 52(2): 127-155. (2015)

Peer Reviewed Articles Co-Authored with Houston Faculty

Casellas, Jason and Kenicia Wright. 2017. “The Impact of Electoral Rules on Minority Representation.” Todd Donovan (Ed.), Election Rules and Reform, Rowman and Littlefield Press.

Yeaji Kim, Leonardo Antenangeli, and Justin H. Kirkland. “Measurement Error and Attenuation Bias in Exponential Random Graph Models.” Forthcoming. Statistics, Politics, and Policy.

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Brandon Rottinghaus and Chris Nicholson, “Counting Congress In: Patterns of Success in Judicial Nomination Requests by Members of Congress to the President.” American Politics Research 38 (2010): 691-717.

Susan E. Scarrow and Burcu Geznor, "Declining memberships, changing members? European political party members in a new era." Party Politics 16 (2011): 823-843.

Book Chapters

Peter Kingstone and Aldo Ponce Ugolini, “From Cardoso to Lula: The Triumph of Pragmatism in Brazil” in Leftist Governments in Latin America: Successes and Shortcomings, edited by Kurt Weyland, Wendy Hunter and Raúl Madrid, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2010.

Other Publications

Simay Ozlu Diniz, “Turkish Business Cowboys in the U.S.” Political Reflection.

Aldo Ponce Ugolini, “Foreign Direct Investment and Civil Rights: Testing Decreasing Returns to Civil Rights.” Romanian Journal of Political Science, 10(1), 2010.

John Jackson, Richard Myers, and Thomas Cowper, "Leadership in the Net-Centric Organization," Advancing Police Leadership: Proceedings of the Futures Working Group, Vol. 6, J.A. Schafer and S. Boyd, eds. Quantico, Virginia, March 2010.

Ching-Hsing Wang, “Analysis of Legislators’ Law-Making and Constituency Service: Continuity and Change After Party Turnover in the Year 2000.” Taiwanese Political Science Review 13(2009): 113-169 (written in Chinese).

Ching-Hsing Wang and Taofang Huang. 2009. “The Electorate’s Voting Participation.” in Lu-huei Chen, Ching-hsin Yu and Chi Huang (eds.) 2008 Presidential Election: the Critical Election of the Second Party Turnover. Taipei: Wu Nan Press, 2009. (written in Chinese).