Ryan Kennedy


Associate Professor
PGH 421

Research Interests

Comparative political economy
Oil, Post-Communist, and Authoritarian politics

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Biographical Summary


Ph.D., The Ohio State University
M.A., The Ohio State University
B.A., Truman State University

Selected Publications

Kennedy, Ryan. 2010. "A Quiet Revolution? Moldova's 2005 Parliamentary Elections and the Influence of the Colour Revolutions." In Donnacha O’Beachain and Abel Polese (eds.), The Colour Revolutions in the Former Soviet Republics. London: Routledge.

Kennedy, Ryan. 2010. "The Contradiction of Modernization: A Conditional Model of Endogenous Democratization." Journal of Politics, 72(3): 785-798.

Neblo, Michael A., Kevin M. Esterling, Ryan P. Kennedy, David M. Lazer, and Anand E. Sokhey. 2010. "Who Wants to Deliberate – and Why?" American Political Science Review, 104(3): 566-583.

Kennedy, Ryan. 2009. "Survival and Accountability: An Analysis of the Empirical Support for 'Selectorate Theory.'" International Studies Quarterly, 53(3): 695-714.