Volume II - University of Houston
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Volume II - Issues

  • 1. Back to School
    There are six health and wellness departments to help you Be Healthy and Stay Healthy.
  • 2. Domestic Violence Awareness Month
    Men, women and non-binary people can be a victim of domestic violence.
  • 3. Healthy Holiday Eating
    UH Dining provides a Registered Dietician who can help manage healthy eating on campus, college and holiday weight gain and meal planning for students.
  • 4. Heal the World
    The UH Office of Sustainability offers on campus initiatives such as academic programs and research, renewable energy use, sustainable transportation, green buildings and more!
  • 5. Making Your Money Count
    The factors involved in calculating your credit score are loan repayment history, amounts owed, length of credit history, new credit account, credit applications and types of credit used.
  • 6. Affairs of the Heart
    Being in a committed relationship provides both emotional and academic support. A partner can be a source of encouragement with school stressors and they can help you with your coursework and studying.
  • 7. Fueling the Body
    Meditation decreases inflammation, anxiety, depression and anger. It also increases your pain threshold and helps you to sleep.
  • 8. Sexual Assault Awareness Month
    Sexual misconduct is a broad range of behavior that includes but is not limited to sexual harassment, sexual assault, non-consensual sexual contact, sexual exploitation, intimate partner violence (domestic and dating violence), and stalking.