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Student Centers Work Requests

Student Centers Work Order Process

In an effort to more effectively manage our maintenance operations and minimize cost we have established the following procedures for implementation as outlined below.

General Procedures for submitting work requests for the Student Centers

Whenever you need to submit a non-emergency work order, you will follow these steps:

  1. Go online to Student Centers
  2. Under Facility Info drop-down, select Forms/Resources
  3. Then select Student Centers Work Requests
  4. If the item is building-related (ex. ceiling tiles are dirty and need to be replaced, chair is broken and needs to be repaired) no cost center is needed, but if this is a non-building related issue (ex. hang painting, move furniture) you must provide your cost center
  5. Fill in the form and submit

When submitting requests for emergencies (see list below) during office hours (M-F, 8-5), please call 832-842-6260 to report. Contacting the main Student Centers line will ensure that your emergency is received in a timely manner:

  1. Sanitation and safety issues, liquid or food spills
  2. Facility/property security (exterior doors and/or offices not securing)
  3. Water leaks
  4. Interrupted utilities (heat, cooling, no power, no water)
  5. Handicap door issues
  6. Elevators issues
  7. Pest control issues

When submitting requests for after-hour emergencies, please contact the Customer Relations Manager at 281-381-4113.

Student Centers Work Request Form