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Student Centers Vehicle Requests

This document outlines additional procedures for Student Centers carts in addition to the procedures outlined in the DSAES Golf Cart Procedures. All employees need to adhere to University SAM 01.C.13, MAPP 06.05.03.

The following are procedures to be used when operating Student Centers golf carts:

  1. Golf carts may be requested/reserved in advance depending on availability. If carts are not requested in advance then carts are available on a first come, first serve basis.
  2. Carts may only be used for University business only, no personal use.
  3. Carts may only be requested by Student Life staff/Graduate Assistants, Student Center & DSAES IT student employees, and University Sponsored Organizations.
  4. Due to the limited amount of carts, each unit may only request up to two carts at a time.
  5. Student Centers Carts shall be parked in their designated spaces. The last two spots on the right are assigned for our contracted partners.
  6. Plug in carts after each use so that the batteries will stay charged.
  7. After hour key return for the golf carts should be delivered to the Student Information Center desk. Keys are to be returned daily. If they are not returned, cart privileges may be suspended
  8. The carts are inspected daily so if there is any damage that was caused while being used by your unit, then your unit be responsible for damages and cart privileges may be suspended.
  9. Special requests or exceptions to these procedures will be reviewed by the Director of the Student Centers.

*A violation of any of the policies and procedures related to golf cart usage may result in a suspension of privileges.

**As an alternative to using Student Center golf carts, requests can be made to Automotive & Fleet management at 713-743-5618.

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***You will receive a response within 24 hours, if this is a short turnaround request we will respond accordingly.