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Student Life Tent Request Form

This document outlines additional procedures for Student Life's tents.

The following are procedures to be used when operating Student Life's tents:

  1. Tents may be requested/reserved in advance, based upon availability. If tents are not requested in advance, then tents are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  2. Each tent is 10x10 and comes in its own wheeled bag. Based on location/weather forecast, users may request tent weights to help hold down the tent​.
  3. Tents can be picked up from the Information Desk.
  4. Tents may only be used for University business only, no personal use.
  5. Tents may only be requested by DSAES Student Life Staff.
  6. After hours return of the tents should be coordinated with the Customer Relations Manager on duty (call 281-381-4113 for assistance). If tents are not returned, tent privileges may be suspended.
  7. The tents are inspected after each use, so if there is any damage that was caused while being used by your unit, then your unit will be responsible for damages, and tent privileges may be suspended.
  8. Special requests or exceptions to these procedures will be reviewed by the Director of the Student Centers.

*A violation of any of the policies and procedures related to tent usage may result in a suspension of privileges.

For more information please email

Request Form


***You will receive a response within 24 hours, if this is a short turnaround request we will respond accordingly. ****