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The Roots of Imposter Syndrome

The David M. Underwood Chapter of the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance (NLA)

The David M. Underwood Chapter of the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance (NLA) at the University of Houston invites you to a free webinar.

The Roots of Imposter Syndrome: Understanding How Oppression Shapes Our Relationship to Imposter Syndrome

DATE: Thursday, March 30, 2023
TIME: 5:30 - 7:00 pm CST

The NLA program works to support and empower students interested in a career in the nonprofit sector by helping them develop the skills and knowledge they need to be thoughtful, capable, and effective professionals.  One topic that routinely comes up in our discussions is that of imposter syndrome, and we all know this is not something limited to students.  As part of the NLA’s commitment to both our students and the entire UH community, we are excited to welcome and/now collective to facilitate this important discussion.

Feelings of imposter syndrome are often reduced to self-doubt and “not being good enough,” which leads to additional feelings of shame and self-blame. However, the roots of imposter syndrome are actually connected to systems of oppression and harm. This session will contextualize imposter syndrome within larger contexts of inequitable systems, reframing how we navigate feelings of imposter syndrome with clarity, agency, and self-determination.

Please join us for this webinar event, and feel free to share this invitation with other students, staff, and faculty.
Facilitated by and/now, a collective for racial healing and justice, this session will be presented lecture style followed by an optional Q&A.

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*The David M. Underwood Chapter of the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance (NLA) is a program of the UH Graduate College of Social Work that offers undergraduates from any degree program as well as MSW students the opportunity to become Certified Nonprofit Professionals (CNP).

For more information, visit: Nonprofit Leadership Alliance: University of Houston - University of Houston.