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Faculty & Staff Giving Campaign 2019

What is this about?

Watch a short video about the campaign.

Eighteen months ahead of schedule the University of Houston System fundraising campaign, ‘Here, We Go,’ has raised $1.003 billion, surpassing its goal of $1 billion. The campaign will continue to build on this momentum to go ‘Beyond the Billion’ before it concludes in 2020.

Join the growing number of faculty and staff giving to support scholarships, research and other priorities. The NSM campaign will last from July 1 through August 16. Ambassadors from each department will engage employees and assist with the giving form.

  • Win a Catered Lunch – The department with the highest participation rate will enjoy a catered lunch—compliments of Dean Wells.

What is our goal?

The overall goal is to increase the number of NSM faculty and staff who give to any program on campus. These donations will support our students, build a culture of ownership and giving within NSM, and demonstrate the IMPACT of all giving to UH/NSM—every gift counts!

Last year, we were the college with the highest number of donors. Let’s do it again! Here, we go to first place!

Why should I give?

Every gift makes an IMPACT!

  • $30 pays for 5 student lunches for Day of Discovery.
  • $40 pays for lab equipment for one semester.
  • $50 pays for one online book.
  • $75 pays for one week of an on-campus meal plan.
  • $100 pays for one textbook.
  • $250 pays for a chair in the Student Learning Commons.
  • $500 pays a TV monitor for presentations and digital media in the Student Learning Commons.
  • $1,000 pays for a white board for student collaboration and tutoring in the Student Learning Commons.
  • $1,000 scholarship per academic year will reduce out-of-state tuition to in-state tuition (saves $14,000 per year).
  • $2,000 pays for a large conference table in the Student Learning Commons.
  • $2,500 pays for a Smart Board for presentations, tutoring and collaborating in the Student Learning Commons.

How can I give?

Faculty and Staff can give in the following ways:

  1. Use the Giving Form provided by Departmental Ambassadors to do any of the following:
    • One-time gift by check or credit card
    • Monthly payroll deduction
    • Monthly credit or debit card gift
  2. Make a gift online

What can I support?

Day of Discovery: Campus tours and classroom/lab experiences for middle and high school students interested in STEM careers. This event attempts to recruit the best and most diverse students to become NSM students. Event usually includes lunch and UH promotional items.

Student Learning Commons: The proposal is to create a study home for students in NSM. NSM currently has the fourth largest enrollment at UH, and there is a need for study space for students.

Crossing the Finish Line Scholarships: These scholarships target students in their last semester with financial or personal hardships that prohibit graduation in six years.

NSM Scholarship Fund: Gifts to this fund support undergraduate scholarships and graduate fellowships in NSM.

NSM Excellence Fund: This fund is used to pay for faculty, staff and student activities including meetings, scholarships and travel.

Departmental Excellence Funds: These funds are frequently used to pay for things that are not funded with state money and include undergraduate and graduate student awards, equipment repair, student travel to professional meetings, and outreach projects.

Who are the Ambassadors?