Dobrin Lecture Archive - University of Houston
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Dobrin Lecture Archive

This is a list of the previous Dobrin Lectures and the speakers.

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Year Speaker & Association / Title
2023 Dr. Joseph B. Powell
Director, Energy Transition Institute, University of Houston
2022 Dr. Susan Hovorka
Principal Investigator, Gulf Coast Carbon Center, Bureau of Economic Geology, Jackson School of Geoscience, The University of Texas at Austin / What is Hot in Texas — Carbon Capture and Geologic Storage for Climate Change Mitigation
2021 Drs. Maurice Nessim (SEG President), Paul Bauman (First SEG Humanitarian Award Winner), Andy Sabin (U.S. Navy’s Subject Matter Expert/SME for geothermal systems)
2020 Dr. Bruce Banerdt (Principal Investigator, NASA’s InSight Mission to Mars
Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
2019 Dr. Lianjie Huang (Senior Scientist 5, Los Alamos National Laboratory)
2018 Dr. Chuck Mosher (Senior Geoscience Fellow, ConocoPhillips)
2017 Mr. Bill Abriel   (SEG President)
2016 Stephen M. Greenlee (ExxonMobil)
2015 Dr. Christine E. Krohn (ExxonMobil)
2014 David Monk (Apache Corporation)
2012 Roel Snieder 
2011 Thomas Bowman / Changing evolution of geophysics in resource plays (shale gas)
2010 Brian Russell (CGG Veritas)
2009 Harrison Schmidt / Return to the Moon: Exploration, enterprise, and energy in the Human settlement of space 
2008 Robert Stewart (University of Houston) / Searching for sands: The multicomponent seismic approach
2007 Alan Huffman / Geophysical pressure prediction in the presence of multiple pressure mechanism with applications to deep wells
2006 Mark D. Zoback (Stanford University)
2005 Ruben D. Martinez (PGS Marine Geophysical)
2004 Dave Hale / Atomic meshing and segmentation of seismic images
2003 John Castagna / Direct hydrocarbon indication with instantaneous spectral analysis
2002 James Robertson / Global Climate Change
2001 Leon Thomsen / Seismic anisotropy: Its effects on exploration and exploitation in the 21st century
2000 Art Weglein / Free-surface multiple removal
1999 Amos Nur / Rock physics for the study of gas hydrates under the Earth's oceans 
1998 Thomas Davis / Multicomponent time-lapse seismology and dynamic reservoir characterization multicomponent
1997 Enders Robinson / Extended resolution in seismic imaging 
1995 Sven Treitel / Crosswell Tomography 
1994 Ken Larner