Theses & Dissertations: 2021- 2030 - University of Houston
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Theses & Dissertations: 2021 - 2030

The following is a record of graduates of the department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, organized by year, name, degree and major.



Gonzalo Agudelo Geophysics, MS Spring 2022
Non-thesis track.
Nikola Bjelica Geology, MS Spring 2022 Colli
Estimating vertical motions in Texas via hiatus mapping and flexural backstripping.
Stefan Boise Geology, MS Spring 2022
Non-thesis track.
Joanna Clark Geology, PHD Spring 2022 Lapen
Martian Surface Mineralogy And Geochemistry As Indicators Of Past Environmental, Climatic, And Aqueous Conditions.
Keaton Denzer Geology, MS Spring 2022 Wu
Tectonostratigraphic analysis case studies from British Columbia, Canada UAV photogrammetry and 3D seismic of Bohai Bay, China.
Christopher Edwards Geology, MS Spring 2022
Non-thesis track.
Spencer Fuston Geology, PHD Spring 2022 Wu
Reconciling North American Tectonics with Deep Mantle Slabs through Structurally Unfolding Subducted Slabs and Mantle Convection Modeling.
Collin Gray Geology, MS Spring 2022
Non-thesis track.
Halina Haider Geology, MS Spring 2022 Khan
Comparison of different hyperspectral remote sensing methods for Central Texas outcrops Reconciling in Geologic Studies of Timescale Revision, Correlations, and Depositional Environments.
Nicholas Hogancamp Geology, PHD Spring 2022 Maddocks
Taxonomy and Biostratigraphy of Devonian and Carboniferous Conodonts and Their .
Angela Jacobs Geology, MS Spring 2022
Prof MS.
Cole Jones Geology, PHD Spring 2022 Capuano
Clay-Cation Compositions from Groundwater Chemistry as an Indicator of Depositional Environments, Paleoclimates, and Paleo-Groundwater Flow.
Jacob Kerl Geophysics, MS Spring 2022 Colli
Geoid Inversion For Mantle Viscosity With Convolutional Neural Networks.
Yuhao Liu Geophysics, PHD Spring 2022 Guoquan Wang, 
Lucky Marchelino Geology, MS Spring 2022
Non-thesis track.
Andrew Robertson Geology, MS Spring 2022 Lapen
Bavand Sadeghi Atmospheric Sciences, PHD Spring 2022 Choi
Characterization of Atmospheric Pollutants over Industrial Areas: Source Apportionment and Transport Modeling.
Keyin Scott Geophysics, MS Spring 2022
Non-thesis track.
David Splawn Geophysics, MS Spring 2022 Zhou
Non-thesis track.
Dougles Syzdek Geophysics, MS Spring 2022
Non-thesis track.
Alyssa Tello Alvarado Geology, MS Summer 2022 Khan
Study of Subsidence in South Montgomery, West Chambers, and North and West Harris Counties from 2016 to 2020.
Sharmila Appini Geophysics, MS Summer 2022 Zheng
Evaluating intra-slab anisotropy using the backazimuth dependence of shear wave splitting patterns at west pacific subduction zones.
Aydin Shahtakhtinskiy Geology, PHD Summer 2022 Khan
Application Of Close-range Remote Sensing Techniques For Characterization Of Outcrops In Various Geological Settings.
Hannah Anderson Geology, MS Summer 2022 Casey
Bulk Rock Major and Trace Elements Chemostratigraphy of the Cretaceous Lower Eagle Ford Formation in South Texas.
Angela Jacobs Geology, MS Summer 2022
Prof MS.
Muhammad Nawaz Bugti Geology, PHD Summer 2022 Mann
Mesozoic Plate Reconstruction, Salt Tectonics, and Hydrocarbon Potential of the Western Gulf of Mexico basin.
Zhongmin Tao Geophysics, PHD Summer 2022 Li
Anisotropic Seismic Velocity In The Crust And Upper Mantle Of Northeastern America From Surface Wave Tomography.
Elizabeth Klovenski Summer 2022 Y-Wang
Simulating the Effects of Hydroclimate Stress on BVOC-Chemistry-Climate Interactions in NASA GISS ModelE.
Arman Pouyaei Atmospheric Sciences, PHD Summer 2022 Choi
Unraveling atmospheric physics and chemistry of long-range transport of pollutants: Development of novel tools and methods.
Bryan Moore Geology, MS Summer 2022 Mann
Subsurface Structure, Stratigraphy, and Hydrocarbon Basin Modeling of the Barbados Accretionary Prism.


Alqamah Sayeed Atmospheric Sciences, PHD Summer 2021 Choi
Integrating deep neural network with numerical models to have better weather and air quality forecast both spatially and temorally.
Grant Cannizzaro Geology, MS Summer 2021
Prof MS.
Geraldine Tijerina Geology, MS Summer 2021
Prof MS.
Mei Liu Geology, PHD Summer 2021 Mann
Mesozoic rift evolution and crustal structure of the Gulf of Mexico basin from integration of multiple geological and geophysical datasets.
Delaney Robinson Geology, PHD Summer 2021 Wellner
Sedimentary Signature of Past Ice Sheet and Ocean Dynamics in Antarctica.
Hualing Zhang Geology, PHD Summer 2021 Mann
Gravity modeling, seismic stratigraphy, and thermal maturity modeling of hydrocarbons of the Permian foreland basin, USA, and the Sergipe-Alagoas rifted-passive margin, Brazil.
Long Ho Geophysics, MS Summer 2021 Li
Azimuthal Anisotropy Before Major Earthquakes In Japan From Shear Wave Splitting Analysis.
Maria Amirzadeh Geophysics, PHD Summer 2021 Castagna
Dependence of Seismic Reflectivity Moments and Spectra and Deconvolution Assumptions on Sample Rate and lntrabed Multiples in a Variety of Sedimentary Basins.
Avradip Ghosh Geophysics, PHD Summer 2021 Chesnokov
Wave propagation in elastic and viscoelastic media with the study of Green's function and fractional viscoelasticity.
Shuhang Tang Geophysics, PHD Summer 2021 Zhou
Reconstruction Of Sparsely Sampled Seismic Data Via Residual U-Net And Earthquake Stress Drop For A Circular Crack In An Anisotropic Medium.
Jia Jung Atmospheric Sciences, PHD Fall 2021 Choi
A better tropospheric aerosol analysis and forecast using data assimilation and coupled modeling.
Yannic Lops Atmospheric Sciences, PHD Fall 2021 Choi
Application of deep learning for air quality predictinos, remote sensing processing and long-term climte index forecasting.
Lila Bishop Geology, MS Fall 2021 Mann
Cretaceous-Cenozoic tectonostratigraphic evolution and hydrocarbon prospectivity of the Sandino forearc basin, offshore Nicaragua.
Clayton Brown Geology, MS Fall 2021
Prof MS.
Dylan Craig Geology, MS Fall 2021
Prof MS.
James Mcconnell Jr Geology, MS Fall 2021
Prof MS.
Hasan Ozer Geology, MS Fall 2021
Non-thesis track.
William Sessums Geology, MS Fall 2021 Murphy
Subsidence Analysis of the Appalachian Basin.
Joseph Stone Geology, MS Fall 2021
Prof MS.
Suoya Fan Geology, PHD Fall 2021 Murphy
A three-dimensional structural, thermal, and dynamical study of the arcuate Himalaya.
Sean Romito Geology, PHD Fall 2021 Mann
Crustal structure, tectonostratigraphy, and hydrocarbon potential of the terranes underlying the Caribbean plate and the Camamu-Almada rifted-passive margin of northeastern Brazil.
Atlanta Sen Geology, PHD Fall 2021 Brandon
Geochemistry and Evolution of the Earth?s Mantle at the Hess Deep and the Mado Megamullion.
Tsung-Jui Wu Geology, PHD Fall 2021 Wu
NW Pacific-Eurasia subduction history and continental arc evolution along NE Asia since Cretaceous times.
Weiyao Yan Geology, PHD Fall 2021 Casey
The Geochronology And Geochemistry Of Plagiogranites And Metamorphic Sole Rocks From The Forearc Bay Of Islands Complex And Coastal Complex Ophiolites And Arc Twillingate Granite, Newfoundland?.
Ibrahim Ismaeel Dawood Mohamed Albeshr Geophysics, MS Fall 2021
Non-thesis track.
Benjamin Miller Geophysics, MS Fall 2021 Mann
Tectonic evolution of the Cenozoic Lesser Antilles volcanic arc and the Mesozoic rifted-passive margin of northern Morocco based on integration of geologic, seismic reflection, and potential fields data.
Maria Pinzon Geophysics, MS Fall 2021
Non-thesis track.
Matthew Sexton Geophysics, MS Fall 2021 Sager
Intraplate volcanism in the Western Pacific Seamount Province.
Abdulah Alshangiti Geophysics, PHD Fall 2021 Zhou
Seismic attenuation estimation and inverse Q-filtering for reservoir characterization: A study on carbonate reservoirs onshore the Arabian Peninsula [Comm: HZ, Chesnokov, Zheng & Gonzales].
Sriharsha Thoram Geophysics, PHD Fall 2021 Sager
Tectonic evolution of oceanic plateaus and hotspot-ridge interactions: walvis ridge - rio grande rise, south atlantic and tamu massif, pacific ocean.