Theses & Dissertations: 1999 - 1990 - University of Houston
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Theses & Dissertations: 1999 - 1990

The following is a record of graduates of the department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, organized by year, name, degree and major.



William J. Beck MS Geophysics Fall 1999 Casey
Extensional Styles of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge
Christianne M. Gell MS Geology Fall 1999 Capuano
Evaluating Fluid Flow Around the Danbury Salt Dome, Brazoria Cty Texas An Elemental & Stable Isotope Study
Roxana L. Herrera MS Geology Summer 1999 Dupre
Morophology and Stratigraphy of a Coarse-Grained Point Bar On the West Fork San Jacinto River
Johnny William Kennedy MS Geology Summer 1999 Dupre
Stratigraphic Evidence For the Occurrence of Flooding On the Brazos River


Eric A. Dussaud BS Geology Fall 1998 Reid
Composition of Clinopyroxene & Orthopyroxene in Ll Chondrites & Implications For Their Parent Body Metamorphism
Marco Antonio Guimaraes PhD Geophysics Fall 1998 Zhou
Physical Model Study of Seismic Acquistion and Processing of Vertical Cable Data
Kyou H. Kim PhD Geology Summer 1998 Chafetz
Integrated Analyses and Interpretations of the Early Diagenetic Records Imprinted On the Uplifted Pleistocene Coral Reef
Patricia Persaud BS Geophysics Summer 1998 Hall
Interpretation of Gravity and Seismic Data from the Chicxulub Impact Structure in Yucatan
Mark Cameron Quakenbush MS Geophysics Summer 1998 Zhou
Pre-Nmo Statics Estimation
Kathleen Schwehr MS Geology Summer 1998 Lawrence
Oxygen Isotopic Variations of Soda Straw Cave Deposits from the Yucatan Peninsula
Dejan Sekulic MS Geology Summer 1998 Sheriff
Role of Critical Angle
Oonh Koo Youn PhD Geophysics Fall 1998 Zhou
Avo Modeling and Depth Imaging with Multiples


Fay M. Bourgeois MS Summer 1997 Capuano
Elemental and Stable Isotope Study to Determine the Source of Salt-Water Contamination in the Chicot Aquifer
Peter A. Claypool MS Geology Summer 1997 Copeland
Magnetostratigraphy and Petrolo
Russell Scott Jaynes MS Geology Summer 1997 Chafetz
Petrologic Analysis of Caliche
Matthew Reed Martin MS Geology Fall 1997 Sheriff
Sequence Stratigraphy of a Rift Lak
Rita Sue Smith MS Fall 1997 Butler
Numerical Bias in Correlation: Carbonate Model Data, Stratigraphic Thickness Data and Geochemical Data
Orhan Yilmaz PhD Geophysics Fall 1997 Taner
Semi-Elastic Plane Wave Depth Migra
Julin Zhang MS Geology Fall 1997 Chafetz
Isotopic and Trace Elemental Analy


Turki Al-Ghamdi MS Geophysics Summer 1996 Mcdonald
Spatial Sampling Characteristics of Wide-Tow Marine Acquisition
Othman Al-Mousa MS Geophysics Fall 1996 Mcdonald
A Study of the Fresnel Zones of Converted Seismic Waves (P-Sv) Ussing Physical Models
Sean A. Guidry MS Geology Fall 1996 Chafetz
Diagenesis Beneath Paleosurfaces of Exposure: Three Examples from the Paleozoic
Xiuyuan Li MS Geophysics Fall 1996 Hall
A Study On Various Factors Influencing Subsalt Seismic Imaging Through Physical Modeling
Zhijiang Luo MS Geophysics Fall 1996 Zhou
A Study of Hypocentral Determination At Teleseismic Distances
Steven D. Mills MS Geology Fall 1996 Capuano
Ground-Water Recharge Through Clay Rich Sediments
Yoseph G. Partono MS Geophysics Fall 1996 Sheriff
A Study of Overpressuring in the Attaka Field, East Kalimantan, Indomesia
Ted Ray Pogue MS Geology Fall 1996 Woronow
Sea-Surface Temperature Record of the Last 7000 Years
Rosemarie Ramkhelawan MS Geophysics Fall 1996 Sheriff
The Use of Geophysical Methods to Delineate and Describe the Hydrocarbon Reservoirs in the Mora Field
Jayanta Ray MS Summer 1996 Capuano
Comparative Study of the Deuterium Signatures of Geopressured and Nongeopressured Clays from Brazoria Cty, Texas
William Scott Snyder MS Geology Summer 1996 Dupre
Erosion and Deposition Along the Lower San Jacinto River from the October, 1994 Flood, Houston Texas
John R. Terwilliger MS Geophysics Summer 1996 Sheriff
Seismic Amplitude Variation with Offset and the Bright Spot in the Updip Yegua Trend, Lavaca County, Texas


Nursyafrin Arbi MS Geophysics Summer 1995 Mcdonald
A Comparison of 3D Seismic Time Imaging Results from Physical Model Strike & Dip Acquisitions
Kimberly Sowden Blizzard BS Geology Summer 1995 Copeland
Provenance Evolution Indicated By Chemical Variations in the Siwalik Group (Tertiary), Nepal
Paul Buchanan PhD Geology Summer 1995 Reid
Petrology of Five Howardites & Polymict Eucrites:Bholghati, Petersburg
Genmeng Chen PhD Geophysics Summer 1995 Zhou
Seismic Modeling & Imaging of Heterogeneous Media
Qin Guo MS Geophysics Fall 1995 Mcdonald
Subsalt Imaging a Study of the Effects of Rugosity of the Salt Interface Using Physical Models
Alan William Hinks MS Geology Fall 1995 Capuano
Spartial and Temporal Variations in the Hydrogeology & Hydrochemistry of a Section of the Beaumont Clay
Alicia Angelica Imerito-Tetzlaff MS Geology Summer 1995 Chafetz
Diagenesis in Quaternary Carbonates Offshore Al Jubayl, Saudi Arabia
Phillip A. Norlund MS Geology Fall 1995 Copeland
Magnetistratigraphy & 40ar/39ar Analysis of the Siwalik Group, Dhansar Khola Southern Nepal
Sharma Tadepalli PhD Geophysics Fall 1995 Mcdonald
3-D Avo Analysis-Physical Modeling Study
Ze-Yuan Zou MS Geology Fall 1995 Capuano
Infiltration of Dye Tracers & Nutrients into the Vadose Zone of the Upper Pleistocene Beaumont Formation


Alta Shamblin Cate PhD Geology Fall 1994 Evans
Taphonomy & Stable Isotope Geochemistry of Mollusc Shells from Texas Coastal Bays
John J. Degenhardt MS Geology Fall 1994 Reid
Breccia Veins, Dykes & Melt Rocks from Roter Kamm Crater, Namibia
Michael S. Edmunds MS Geology Summer 1994 Woronow
Characterization of Ejecta Facies Surrounding Large Venusian Impact Craters
Stephen T. Ha PhD Geophysics Fall 1994 Zhou
Benefiting from Directional Phase-Encoded Wavefield: Experimental & Theoretical Implementation of Nieideel-Dolphin Concept
Rezie Z. Jan MS Geology Spring 1994 Capuano
Hydrodynamic Controls of Contaminant Transport in Shallow Porous Media Beaumont Clay
Thomas Morris Kirkpatrick MS Geophysics Fall 1994 Sheriff
Morphology & Stratigraphy of Middle to Late Pleistocene Shelf Submarine Canyons
Tamara Lester MS Geophysics Fall 1994 Hall
A Model For the Tectonic Evolution of the Galapagos Rise
Michael Scari Milliken MS Geology Spring 1994 Casey
Correlation & Depositional Environment Using Major Elements & Trace Elements Cores Db-01&Db-02, Northwest Shelf
Nancy Kathleen Roldan MS Geo-Geoph Summer 1994 Mcdonald
Physical Model Study of the Effect of Transverse Isotrophy On Dip Moveout Processing
Daniel Kent Ross PhD Geology Summer 1994 Butler
Geochemistry of Cumulate Rocks from the Stillwater Layered Intrusion & the Mid-Atlantic Ridge
Rhonda Lynne Schenk MS Geo/Geoph Summer 1994 Hall
Integrated Gravity Modeling of Salt Features in the Central Mississippi Salt Basin
Susan Elaine Smith PhD Geology Fall 1994 Casey
Geochemistry and Petrology of Basaltic & Plutonic Rocks from the Hayes Transform Region


Richard Beaubouef PhD Geology Summer 1993 Casey
Three Case Studies in the Application of Paleomagnetic & Rock Magnetic Techniques to Geologic Problems
Genmeng Chen MS Geophysics Spring 1993 Zhou
Two Dimensional Waveform Analysis Using the Boundary Element Method
Abu Nasser Chowdhury MS Geophysics Fall 1993 Sheriff
Sequence Stratigraphy & Structure of Pliocene Sedimentd in Northeast Gulf of Mexico-An Example of Slope Sedimentation
Radmilo M. Gregovic MS Geophysics Fall 1993 Mcdonald
Propagation of Shear Waves & Converted Shear Waves Through An Azimuthally Anisotropic Media
Ning Guo MS Geophysics Fall 1993 Zhou
Improvement On Kinematic Raytracing in Crosswell Traveltime Tomography
Curtis A. Link PhD Geophysics Fall 1993 Zhou
Crosshole Seismic Analysis For Reservoir Characterization and Lithology Indication
Jennifer Nicole Lytwyn PhD Geology Summer 1993 Casey
Geochemistry & Petrogenesis of Forearc Volcanics & Instrusives Possibly Associated with Ridge Subduction
Stev En Allen Markley MS Geophysics Summer 1993 Mcdonald
Residual Deconvolution By Stack Power Maximization
David Owen Martens MS Geophysics Spring 1993 Sheriff
Stratigraphic Study of An Upper Jurassic Norphlet Sand Sea in Pensacola & Destin Dome Areas Offshore Florida
Everett Rutherford, Jr PhD Geology Spring 1993 Casey
Structural & Metamorphic Evolution of Ophiolites & Oceanic Crust Illustrated By Hydrothermal Alteration
Drago Stankovic MS Geophysics Summer 1993 Mcdonald
Crosswell Traveltime Tomography in Complex Media: a Physical Modeling Study
Jack Wang MS Geology Spring 1993 Casey
James Brian Whitfield MS Geophysics Fall 1993 Sheriff
The Relation of Net Pay to Amplitude Versus Offset Gradients; a Gulf of Mexico Case Study


Jamal Mustafa Ass'ad PhD Geophysics Spring 1992 Mcdonald
Seismic Model Studies On Scattering of Waves By Cracks of Varying Crack Density & Aspect Ratio: Comparisons Between Experiment & Theory
Arthur E. Beaird MS Geology Fall 1992 Dupre
Late Pleistocene to Recent Sedimentation and Eustat Sea-Level Changes On the Louisiana Outer Continental Shelf
Chih-Hsiung Chang PhD Geophysics Fall 1992 Mcdonald
A Physical Model Study of Elastic Wave Propagation in a Transversely Isotropic Solid with An Application to Predict Fracture
Clell R. Hooton MS Geophysics Fall 1992 Hall
Interpret Ation of Regional Gravity Anomalies Over the North Central Margin of the Gulf of Mexico
Matthew John Kadillak MS Geophysics Spring 1992 Mcdonald
A Study of Fresnel Zone and Diffraction Amplitudes in a Physical Modeling Experiment
Keith Grant Kilson MS Geology Fall 1992 Lawrence
Mixing Patterns in Lake Houston Using Chloride and Oxygen Isotope Ratios As Tracers
Ilyas Juzer Najmuddin MS Geophysics Fall 1992 Hall
Analysis and Interpretation of Total Field Magnetic Anomalies Over the Eastern Deep Gulf of Mexico
Alicia Angelica Polat MS Geology Summer 1992 Casey
Structural & Geochemical Evolution of the Aladag Melange Complex & Greenschist Division
Gary Charles Robinson MS Geophysics Summer 1992 Sheriff
Seismic Stratigraphy, Seismic Facies & Depositional Environment of a Middle Miocene Reservoir
Richard Drew Slack MS Geophysics Fall 1992 Mcdonald
Thin Beds and Shear-Wave Splitting
Ann Marie Therriault MS Geology Summer 1992 Reid
Field Study, Petrology and Chemistry of the Vredefort Granophyre, South Africa


Dale Bird MS Geology Fall 1991 Hall
An Integrated Geophuysical Interpretation of the Grenada Basin
Paul Buchanan MS Geology Spring 1991 King
Petrography & Mineral Chemistry of Dark Inclusions from the Meteorite Allende
Evonda Isom MS Geophysics Spring 1991 Sheriff
A New Alorithm to Perform Dip Moveout (Dmo) and Prestack Imaging (Psi) As Invariant Convolutions
Mark E. Juedeman MS Geology Fall 1991 Casey
Regional Structure and Simpson Group Stratigraphy, Permian Basin Texas: Implication For Paleozoic Tectonic Development
Scott William Mackay PhD Geophysics Summer 1991 Mcdonald
Application of Depth-Focusing Analysis Toseismic Imaging
John James Mastroianni MS Geology Fall 1991 Norman
A Study of Active Fault Movement, Houston Texas and Vicinity
Jorge Mendoza-Amuchastegui MS Geophysics Fall 1991 Zhou
Enhanced Arrived Time Picking in High Frequency Transmission Tomography
John Henry Ruhl MS Geology Fall 1991 Norman
Indentification Geometry and Movement History of Active Surface Faults in Fort Bend County, Texas
Abhijit Sanyal MS Geology Fall 1991 Lawrence
A Study of the Salinity and Isotopic Distributions in the Trinity-San Jacinto Estuarine System
David Alan Schoderbek MS Geology Fall 1991 Chafetz
Environments of Deposition & Patterns of Cyclicity of the Panther Seep Formation Southern San Andres Mountains
Sabyasachi Sen MS Geology Summer 1991 Reid
Experimental Studies of the Atomic Structure and Physical Properties of Highly Siliceous Impact Generated Melts/Glasses
Hongwei Wang MS Geophysics Fall 1991 Zhou
A Noise Suppression Method As Applied to Multi-Component Or Multi-Race Seismic Data
Orhan Yilmaz MS Geophysics Summer 1991 Mcdonald
Iterative Least Mean Error Squares Method of Plane Wave Decomposition


Gerard Abrams MS Geophysics Fall 1990 Hall
A Paleomagnetic Study of the Early Triassic Shamrock Formation and the Upper Triassic Luning Formation
George Adcock MS Geophysics Spring 1990 Sheriff
Estimating Sonic Traveltimes in Texas Wellbores Using Electrical Resistivity & Gamma Ray Measurements
Chris Buczynski PhD Geology Spring 1990 Chafetz
Douglas Turner Collins BS Geology Fall 1990 King
Trace Element Geochemistry of Gabroic Rocks from the Mid-Cayman Rise Spreading Center
Daniel Andrew Ebrom PhD Geophysics Fall 1990 Mcdonald
Acquistion & Interpretation of Mult-Component Seismic Data in Isotropic & Azimuthally Anisotropic Media
Sean Patrick Fitzmaurice MS Geology Fall 1990 Chafetz
Nirmalya Ghosh PhD Geophysics Summer 1990 Hall
Magnetic Anomaly Studies of the Colombian Basin Area and Gravity Field Study of the Southeastern Caribbean Plate Boundry
John Gibson MS Geology Spring 1990 Burke
Marquez Dome-An Impact in Leon County, Texas
Richard Norris Grigsby MS Geology Fall 1990 Norman
Structural Development of Low-Amplitude Salt Anticlines Along the Northwest Margin of the East Texas Basin
Timothy John Grow MS Geology Spring 1990 Woronow
A Computer Simulation of Contaminant Transport in Groundwater Through Fracture Channels
Rezie Z. Jan BS Geology Spring 1990  
A New Alorithm to Perform Dip Moveout (Dmo) and Prestack Imaging (Psi) As Invariant Convolutions
David Allan Lieblich MS Geophysics Spring 1990 Mcdonald
An Experimental & Theoretical Investigation of Diffraction from a Line Source & It's Application Tos Eismic Data Processing
Antonello Lilliu-Giglio MS Geophysics Spring 1990 Sheriff
Geophysical Interpretation of Maturin Foreland Northeastern Venezuela
Rosanne M. Lindholm PhD Geology Fall 1990 Casey
Regiional Correlation Age Provenance & Tectonic Significance of Sandstone-Mudstone Sequences in the Humber Arm Allochtho
Karen Love PhD Geology Spring 1990 Woronow
Chemical Diagenesis Preceding the Inversion of Biogenic Aragonite a Reappraisal with Implications For Paleoenviromental
Karen Marks PhD Geophysics Spring 1990 Hall
Geophysical Investigation of the Australian-Antarctic Discordance Zone
Sandra Beaumont Phillips MS Geophysics Spring 1990 Mcdonald
Determining the Usefulness of Borehole Seismic Surveys in Delineating a Known Reservoir
Duane Brendan Pierce MS Geology Fall 1990 Chafetz
Petrography and Provenance Od Siliciclastic Sands from a Carbonate Environment Arabian Gulf, Saudi Arabia
Nick Bradley Pollard MS Geology Fall 1990 Chafetz
Depositional Environments Diagenesis & Regional Paleogeography For the Upper Glen Rose D (Lower Cretaceous) Intervals
Guy Winsor Purnell PhD Geophysics Fall 1990 Mcdonald
Imaging Beneath a High Velocity Ayer Using Converted Waves
Zucheng Shang PhD Geophysics Spring 1990 Mcdonald
The Extraction of Amplitude Versus Incident Angle Information in the Presence of Geologic Structure
Gregory Alan Stevens MS Geology Spring 1990 Chafetz
The Petrolography Diagenesis & Depositional Environment of Carbonate Mud Mounds of the Strawn Formation (Pennsylvanian)
Karel Vynhal MS Geophysics Summer 1990 Sheriff
Dip Movement and Prestack Migration By Forward Modeling On Time Slices
James Tokuhei Womble MS Geophysics Spring 1990 Sheriff
Interactive Structural and Stratigraphic Analysis Using Structurally Flattened Horizons
Yu Xu PhD Geophysics Spring 1990 Mcdonald
Three Dimensional Migration of Zero-Offset Seismic Data from a Medium with Vertically Aligned Fractures