Theses & Dissertations: 1969 - 1960 - University of Houston
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Theses & Dissertations: 1969 - 1960

The following is a record of graduates of the department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, organized by year, name, degree and major.



Richard Samuel Barnett MS Summer 1969 Sadlick
A Quantitiative Study of Late Eocene Nummulites (Foraminiferida), Jackson Stage, Southeastern United States
Maryellen Cameron MS Spring 1969 Carman
Geology of the Rattlesnake Mountain Intrusion, Big Bend National Park, Texas
Keith Havard James MS Spring 1969 Sadlick
Numerical Taxonomy of Otolites From Five Living Species of Fish
Richard Sterling MS Summer 1969 Greenwood
Behavior of Synthetic and Biogenic Amorphous Silicas in Laboratory Simulated Diagenesis


Kenneth Cameron MS Spring 1968 Blatt
A Study of the Modigication of Stream Sediments During Transportation, Elk Creek, Black Hills, South Dakota
Berry Sutherland MS Summer 1968 Blatt
Silt-Sized Heavy Minerals of Some Texas Gulf Coast Tertiary Shales


Anthony Nichols Fuex MS Spring 1967 Short
Thermoluminescence of Shocked Granodiorite
William Alton Mccracken MS Spring 1967 Blatt
Petrology of the Catahoula Formation (Miocene) in Northeastern Gonzales Cty, Northwestern Lavaca Cty & SW Fayette
Charles Culberson Smith MS Fall 1967 Sadlick
Foraminifera, Paleocology & Biostratigraphy of the Paleocene Ostrea Thirsae Beds Nanfalia Formation West Central Alabama


Donald Wesley Frazier MS Spring 1966 Greenwood
Paragenesis of Silica in Silicified Woods of the Whitsett Formation (Eocene) in Texas
Robert Turner MS Spring 1966 Van Siclen
Cenozoic Pilitic Limestone and Caliche Near San Angelo, West Exas


Donald Gann MS Summer 1965 Short
Changes in Ionic Concentration of Effluent Form the Compaction of Clay


John Barnhart MS Summer 1963 Fan
Distribution of Recent Sediments & Foraminifera Across the Bermuda Platform
James Fowler MS Summer 1963 Fan
The Paleoecology of the Pamlico Formation (Pleistocene) in the Vicinity of Myrtle Beach, Horry County, South Carolina
James F. Howard MS Spring 1963 Fan
The Foraminifera & Paleocology of the Type Localities of the Waccamaw Formation (Pliocene) & the James City Formation
Stanley Krowski MS Summer 1963 Greenwood
A Petrographic Study of the Elon Mountain Analcite Syenogabbro in the Terlingua Area, Brewster County, Texas
Duane Moredock MS Summer 1963 Van Siclen
Regional Variations of Hydrocarbons in the Edwards Limestone (Cretaceous) of South Texas
Robert L. Myers MS Summer 1963 Van Siclen
Dynamic Phenomena of Sediment Compaction in Matagorda County Texas
Mcinnis Newby MS Summer 1963 Van Siclen
Frio (Hackberry) Deposition and Defromation Near the Newton-Orange County Line Southeastern Texas


James Chaplin MS Spring 1962 Dubar
Paleoecology of the Pamlico Fromation in the Nixonville Quandrangle Horry County, South Carolina
Ronald Harlan MS Summer 1962 Vansiclen
Pleistocene Sediments Along White Oak Bayou, Northwestern Houston, Texas
James Solliday MS Summer 1962 Dubar
Biostratigraphy of the Lower Neuse River Estuary Graven and Pamlico Counties, North Carolina
Donald S. Taylor MS Summer 1962 Dubar
Paleoecology of the Choctawhatchee Deposits at Jackson Bluff, Florida


Eva Ballard MS Summer 1961 Bishop
Limestone in the Heteroostegina Zone (Oligocene-Miocene) On Damon Mound Salt Dome Brazoria County, Texas
Donald Beardsley MS Summer 1961 Dubar
Paleoecology of the Choctawatchee Deposits (Late Miocene) at Alum Bluff, Florida
Thomas Lee Caskey MS Summer 1961 Vansiclen
Geology of Western Coryell County, Texas
Gordon Clopine MS Spring 1961 Dubar
Pleistocene Sediments of the Houston Area, Texas
Jerry Horne MS Summer 1961 Carman
Geology of Southeastern Atascosa County, Texas
Mary Jarrell MS Summer 1961 Rexroad
Conodonts From the Golconda Group (Chester) of the Illinois Basin
Douglas Ward Lewis MS Spring 1961 Greenwood
The Parageneissi of Gluaconite in the Bliss Formation, Silver City, New Mexico