Theses & Dissertations: 1979 - 1970 - University of Houston
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Theses & Dissertations: 1979 - 1970

The following is a record of graduates of the department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, organized by year, name, degree and major.



Louwatele Adedokum MS Fall 1979 Chafetz
Genesis & Environmental Analysis of the Reservoir Sandstones of Ossiizombe Oil Field, Imo State, Nigeria
Gary Armistead MS Spring 1979 King
The Occurrence & Geological Implications of Carbon Dix\Oxide Clathrate Hydrate on Mars
Gordon Banholzer MS Fall 1979 Carman
Distribution & Shock Metamorphism of Crystalline Components in the Bunte Breccia, Ries Crater, Germany
Gerald Brautigam MS Summer 1979 Norman
Faulting in the Silver City Range, Grant County, New Mexico
Wilbert Phillip Gaston MS Fall 1979 Dupre
Paleohydrologic Analysis of Late Pleistocene Fluival Sediments, Brazoria and Galveston Counties, Texas
Peter Grasel MS Spring 1979 King
The Reconnaissance Geology of the La Salitrera Mining District San Luis Potisi, Mexico
Wolfgang Heuer MS Fall 1979 Norman
Active Faults in the Northwestern Houston Area
Kenneth Wayne Miller MS Spring 1979 Butler
Subsolidus Phase Relations in the System Baco3-Caco3
Kazuo Nakayama MS Fall 1979 Van Siclen
A Simulation Model of Petroleum Migration in Clastic Sediments
Harry Peterson MS Spring 1979 Norman
Structural and Petrological Relationships of the Bear Mountain Intrusive Sliver City Range, Grant Cty New Mexico
David Sanders Pettus MS Fall 1979 King
Ultramafic Xenoliths From Llera De Canales Tamaulipas, Mexico
John Rogers MS Summer 1979 King
An Investigation Into the Environment of Production of the Silt-Size Particles Ofloses
Trude Velden MS Fall 1979 Butler
Mineralogical and Petrological Investigation of Dark Rims in Low Petrologic Types of Ordinary & Carbonaceous Chondrites


Nels Forsman MS Spring 1978 Smith
Experimental Eolian Abrasion of Very Fine Grains at Different Atmospheric Pressures
Elizabeth Garbett MS Spring 1978 Maddocks
Zoogeography of Recent Cytheracean Ostracodes in the Bays of Texas
Stanley James Indest MS Spring 1978 Carman
A Petrographic and Geochemical Study of Wildhorse Mountain, Brewster County, Texas
Pratt Johnson MS Spring 1978 King
A Study of Large Scale Chemical Variations in the Allende Meteorite
Frederick Annis Newcomb MS Fall 1978 Carman
Geology of A Portion of Southwestern Brewster County, Trans-Pecos Texas
Verna Mae Ray BS Summer 1978 Dupre
The Ice-Dominated Regimen of the Yukon Delta-Norton Sound Region of Alaska
B. Spence Robinson MS Spring 1978 Chafetz
Petrology of the Presidio Formation and Equilvalent Units; Presidio County, Texas


Robert Bruce Creger MS Fall 1977 Chafetz
Stratigraphic Analysis of the New Bielau-7500 Foot Wilcox Field, Western Colorado County, Texas
Johnny Dean MS Fall 1977 Chafetz
Recent Sedimentary Environments & Diagenesis of Marine Carbonates From the Persian Gulf
Alejandro Ilukewitsch MS Spring 1977 Hilterman
Three-Dimensional Seismic Modeling With Source Receiver Offset
Gary Kocurek MS Summer 1977 Chafetz
Petrology and Environments of Deposition of the Percha Formation, Upper Devonian, Southwestern New Mexico
Russell Olson MS Spring 1977 Norman
A Study of Time Dependent Deformation of Sedimentary Rocks
Gerard Schuster MS Spring 1977 Dobrin
Seismic Studies of Crustal Structure in Nicaragua and Costa Rica
Donald Van Nieuwienhuise MS Spring 1977 Evans
Benthic Moluscan Communitites and Environmental Study of the Cape Romain Tidal Inlet Complex, South Carolina
Garrett Zabel MS Fall 1977 Carman
A Petrographic and Chemical Study of Ternary Feldspars


Irene Jones MS Spring 1976 Butler
A Study of the Stability of Martian Surface Sample Analog Mineral Phases Under Conditions of Dry Heat Sterilization
David Thompson King, Jr MS Spring 1976 Chafetz
Stratigraphy and Petrology of the Upper Part of the Riley Formation Upper Cambrian of Central Texas
Russell Staley Power MS Fall 1976 Carman
Geology of the Summit Mountains and Vicinity Grant County New Mexico and Greenlee County Arizona
Bob Robinson MS Spring 1976 Chafetz
Stratigraphy and Environment of Deposition of Member 9 of the Rawls Formation, Presidio County, Texas
Andre Rosa MS Fall 1976 Hilterman
Estraction of Elastic Parameters Using Seismic Reflection Amplitude With Offset Variation
Murilo Souza MS Fall 1976 Hilterman
Wavelet Extraction Parameters of Homomorphic Deconvolution
Jose Thomas MS Fall 1976 Hilterman
Multi-Channel Estimate of the Seismic Wavelet


Ruth Marcie Fruland MS Fall 1975 King
Impact-Generated Volatile Movement and Redistribution in the Rose City Meteorite
George Greene MS Spring 1975 Butler
The Geochemistry of Spinel Lherzolites From Xalapasco De La Joya, San Luis Potosi, Mexico
David Moysey MS Spring 1975 Maddocks
Ostracoda and Associated Fauna of the Lower Walnut Fromation (Lower Cretaceous) of Travis & Williamson Cty Texas
George Finger Vance, Jr MS Fall 1975 Chafetz
Holocene Sediments of Mission Bay, Texas


Michael Douglas Burnaman MS Geology Fall 1974 Dobrin
Interpretation of Regional Gravity Anomalies on the Margin of the Northwest Gulf of Mexico
Marvin J. Droddy, Jr MS Fall 1974 Butler
Contact Metamorphism of Cretaceous Sedimentary Rocks Near the Bee Mountain Intrusion, Brewester County, Texas
Richard Hodgkinson MS Summer 1974 King
On the Craters of Mare Tyrrhenum (Mc-22), Mars


Alexandre Woronow MS Summer 1973 Van Siclen
The Coulomb-Mohr Criterion, an Experimental Study of Its Effectiveness As A Predictor of Rock Failure


William Piety MS Fall 1972 Chafetz
Surface Sediment Facies and Physiography of A Recent Tidal Delta Brown Cedar Cut, Central Texas Coast


Warren Brooks MS Spring 1971 Maddocks
Recent Foraminifera From the Southern Coast of Puerto Rico
Edward Taber MS Fall 1971 Chafetz
Clay Diagenesis and Holocene Sediment of Galveston Bay and the Adjacent Continental Shelf


Thomas Dewitt Altman MS Spring 1970 Carman
The Petrologic Study of A Microsyenite Intrusion in Brewster County, Texas
Gayle Patrick Hawkins MS Geology Fall 1970 Butler
The Stratigraphy & Mineralogy of the Lewisville Member of the Cretaceous Woodbine Formation
Kenneth James Loep MS Summer 1970 Maddocks
Upper Eocene Foraminifera From the Type Section of the Yazoo Formation of Mississippi
John Dee Parrish MS Spring 1970 Van Siclen
Quaternary Terraces of the Lower Colorado River, Texas
David C. Wood MS Spring 1970 Carman
A Study of Stream Transport of Sand Sized Sediment Battle Creek, Black Hills, South Dakota