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A post-baccalaureate ("PB" or "Post-Bacc") student is one who has completed a bachelor’s degree and either seeks an additional bachelor’s degree (PB-BS) or wishes to enroll as an undergraduate to complete undergraduate courses in a non-degree objective capacity (PB-NDO). PB students can take undergraduate courses, pursue a second degree, or complete prerequisites for graduate programs.

PB Admissions

  • PB must apply for undergraduate transfer admissions.
    • On page 3 of the ApplyTexas application…
      • Select “I am seeking a second bachelor’s degree” if you plan to pursue a BS in Computer Science
      • Select “I am applying as a nondegree seeker” if you plan on enrolling in courses for personal interest or to fulfill graduate admissions prerequisites
    • All PB applicants to Computer Science must meet the "Transfer and Former Student Admission Requirements" listed for the College of Natural Sciences & Mathematics.

PB Funding

PB students are not eligible to receive federal or state grants. PB students taking courses for enrichment are no eligible for financial aid. PB students seeking a second degree or enrolled in graduate admissions prerequisites may be eligible to receive federal loan assistance, pending aggregate and program eligibility. Eligible PB students must be enrolled in at least 6 hours to receive loans. Visit the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarship website for additional information for for the most updated PB Certification Statement.

PB Degree-Seeking

  • For students who already completed a BS degree, but wish to pursue an additional BS in Computer Science.
  • International students are eligible for this degree-seeking program and must maintain a full-time courseload.
  • Students follow the BS in Computer Science curriculum
  • Students are advised by advisors in the NSM Undergraduate Advising Center

PB Non-Degree Objective

  • For students who do not seek an additional bachelor’s degree. The typical PB-NDO student in computer science are those from a non-computing background who enroll in courses to fulfill UH Computer Science graduate admissions prerequisites.
  • International students are NOT eligible for the non-degree objective program.
  • Students who are fulfilling graduate admissions prerequisites as a PB NDO should contact Matthew Pariyothorn ( in the Department of Computer Science for guidance.
  • Below are the graduate admissions prerequisite courses that can be completed with a B- or better at UH or elsewhere:
UH Course Title TCCNS Equivalent Comment

MATH 2413 (previously MATH 1431)

Calculus I

MATH 2413

Take at UH or 2-year or 4-year college

MATH 2414 (previously MATH 1432)

Calculus II

MATH 2414

Take at UH or 2-year or 4-year college

MATH 2318 (previously MATH 2331)

Linear Algebra

MATH 2318

Take at UH or 2-year or 4-year college

COSC 1437 (previously COSC 1430)

Intro to Computer Science II / Object Oriented Programming

COSC 1337


COSC 1437

Take at UH or 2-year or 4-year college

COSC 2436 (previously COSC 2430)

Intro to Computer Science III / Data Structures

COSC 2336


COSC 2436

Take at UH or 2-year or 4-year college

COSC 2425 (previously COSC 2440)

Computer Organization & Architecture

COSC 2425

Take at UH or 2-year or 4-year college

COSC 3340

Automata & Computability


Must be taken at UH or other 4-year institution

COSC 3360

Operating Systems


Must be taken at UH or other 4-year institution