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Name & Title Contact Info Office
Bridget Smalley Bridget Smalley
Department Business Administrator

PGH 501
Emily Robledo Emily Robledo
Financial Coordinator - HR/Hiring
Phone: 713-743-1268

PGH 501
Spencer Cook Spencer Cook
Program Manager - Purchasing, Contracts, Reimbursements

PGH 501
Brenda Stevens Brenda Stevens
Financial Coordinator - Travel, Travel Related Reimbursements, Speaker Agreements
Phone: 713-743-3337
PGH 501
Andrea Rodriguez Andrea Rodriguez
Executive Secretary
Phone: 713-743-9906
PGH 501
Matthew Pariyothorn Matthew Pariyothorn
Director, Academic Operations
Phone: 713-743-1317
PGH 501
Yvette Elder Yvette Elder
Graduate Academic Advisor - MS
Phone: 713-743-3364
PGH 501
Des Jonee Baldwin Des Jonee Baldwin
Graduate Academic Advisor - PhD
Phone: 713-743-3239
PGH 501
Babu Sundaram

Dr. Babu Sundaram
Interim Director of IT
College of Natural Sciences & Mathematics

Systems Administrator - IT Manager
Department of Computer Science
Phone: 713-743-1548
PGH 521
Laura Miller Laura Miller
MicroSystem Analyst
Phone: 713-743-9958

PGH 527