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Information for International Students

Additional Application Materials for International Students

Either the TOEFL or the IELTS is required for admission. A minimum criterion for unconditional admission is a score of 79 on the TOEFL or of 6.5 on the IELTS.

Financial Support

The department provides financial support, generally as a Teaching Assistantship, to all students admitted to our Ph.D. programs. The amount of support will always be sufficient to qualify you for the student F1 visa. We do not guarantee financial support to students admitted to our M.S. programs.

English Skills

To serve as a graduate assistant in a teaching position, a student must prove English proficiency. A score of 25 on the speaking portion of the TOEFL is required. If a student has not met this requirement, the department will arrange for the student to take the SPEAK Test during orientation. The student must obtain a score of 50 on this test. A lower score will not take away their stipend, but these students will be assigned other duties and encouraged to improve their language skills and take the test again.

Immigration Procedures

Once admitted in the graduate program, international students will be issued an I-20 form by the International Admission Office of the University of Houston. This form guarantees that the student will have the financial support necessary during their years of study. We will send the I-20 to students by Express courier. Students need to take the I-20 and a valid passport to the American Embassy of their country, in order to receive a F1 Visa. To expedite this process, students are encouraged to obtain a valid passport and to contact the embassy ahead of time to fill out the appropriate paperwork.