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President's Excellence Award Guidelines

Any UH employee, faculty or staff, student or community member may nominate qualifying staff employees for consideration. In addition to the nomination, a minimum of two and a maximum of four recommendations will be accepted in support of each nomination. A nomination with fewer than two recommendations will not be considered. If more than four recommendations are received, only the first four will be used for consideration.

The nomination form and a minimum of two recommendation forms/letters for each staff member nominated  must be completed in full and submitted by the deadline for the nomination to be accepted:

The Nomination Form requires three key elements:

  1. A description of the overall job responsibilities of the nominee written by the nominating party
  2. Descriptions of the outstanding traits and contributions of the nominee written by the nominating party
  3. Job history at the University of the nominee obtained by the nominating party

*No staff member can be nominated for a President's Excellence Award if they have previously won the award. Staff members may be nominated year after year, but only one nomination per employee can be accepted each year.