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H-1B Request Procedures

Important Note: Only Human Resources is authorized to sign USCIS H-1B forms on behalf of UH.

The hiring department is responsible for completing, signing, and submitting to the Immigration Specialist the following forms:

1. Copy of offer letter (not applicable if it is an H-1B extension petition)

2. Request to Petition for H-1B

3. Employer Labor Condition Statement

4. Actual Wage Determination Worksheet

5. Export Control Form: Visa Candidate and Deemed Export Assessment

  • Department Administrator or designee should access the Visa Candidate and Deemed Export Assessment template via DocuSign.
  • Department Administrator or designee will enter names and email addresses for the Visa Candidate, Faculty/Staff Sponsor, and Department Chair (or equivalent).
  • The Visa Candidate (prospective/current H-1B employee) must complete and sign Part I of the form.
  • The Faculty/Staff Sponsor must complete Part II of the form and sign/certify in Part III.
  • The Department Chair (or equivalent) must sign and certify in Part III.
  • Information about Export Control requirements is available at UH Export Control.

6. Employee Checklist-Questionnaire (for the H-1B worker)

Please do not wait for the filing fee check(s) to be cut in order to submit this paperwork to the Immigration Specialist.  The prevailing wage determination and Department of Labor certification steps can be started while the check(s) are being processed.


UH is responsible for payment of the H-1B fees, including the premium processing fee if employment of the worker in H-1B status is required before the H-1B petition can be approved under regular processing.

It will be one check per fee:

  • $460 for all H-1B petitions. 
  • Additional $500 for new petitions: change of status, consular processing, change of employer, or concurrent employment when primary job is outside the UHS University.
  • Optional $2,805 if expediting the petition (this fee is not necessary for extension, amendment, change of employer, and concurrent filings, unless needed for traveling purposes). 

Keep in mind the following when submitting the vouchers:

  • The vendor number is 0000051939.
  • Comment on voucher that the check(s) should be sent to your department and not directly to the USCIS.
  • Accounts Payable may require you to submit the Filing Fees Memo with the voucher.

Send To:

Casmin Hicks
Immigration Specialist
Office of the General Counsel
Mail Code: 2028